How to Make AI Read PDF File and Extract any Data from it

Our work that we do using technology is different from off line work, as we keep record in registers if we are working off line, on the other hand we just need a device to keep large files in it. Mostly we have PDF files that have a large sum of information divided into many other pages, that take some time to access it. But technology is more advanced and now we have AI.

How to Make AI Read PDF File and Extract any Data from it

In this article we will discuss about how to make AI read PDF file and extract any data from it, if you don't want to waste your time on searching in files.

How to Make AI Read PDF File and Extract any Data from it

We use different language models like Bing AI and ChatGPT to easily create content for us, they can also summarize the existing content for us. Here are the ways described to use them if you want to make AI read PDF files and extract data from that files.

Use of Bing AI

If you want to use Microsoft's Bing AI to summarize your PDF files, then you need to download Microsoft Edge Dev Browser. If you have this, or you have downloaded it now, then follow the given steps:

  1. In the Microsoft Edge Dev browser, open the PDF file.
  2. Now from the top right corner click the Bing AI button.
  3. Next, select the Chat option.
  4. From the text field, now ask the AI to summarize this PDF.
  5. That's it.
This is too simple and takes only a few seconds (thanks to Bing Chat which is powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI).

Use of ChatPDF

ChatGPT has the ChatPDF AI-powered tool that we use to go through PDFs. You may use it also on your phone. Here is the method described that how you can use it:

  1. On your web browser, visit
  2. To drop and upload any locally stored PDF file, tap on Browse My Computer.
  3. You can also paste the link to the PDF file, by clicking on From URL.
  4. This will further process your file to summarize it, with some questions and queries from you.

In free version of this tool you can summarize only 3 files in a day, if you want to summarize more files then upgrade the tool to the Plus version.

Use of ChatGPT

If you are not getting what is described in the above methods, then follow the steps below to summarize any file in ChatGPT by copying and pasting the file:

  1. Open your PDF file.
  2. Now, copy its text.
  3. On your preferred browser, go to
  4. Type Summarize in the text box.
  5. Now, paste the copied text.
  6. Finally, press enter.

That's it, now ChatGPT will summarize the text file for you and you may ask several questions from there.


Let's answer some common questions here:

Q: Can ChatPDF be used for free?

Ans: Yes, you can use ChatPDF free but with a limitation of summarizing only three files in a day.

So, this was an easy and simple guide for you to follow if you want to know about how to make AI read PDF file and extract any data from it.

Q: Is ChatGPT free?

Yes, ChatGPT is free and available online from the official website of OpenAI at This is available for free for a limited time and also offers a paid version to access ChatGPT's latest version ChatGPT-4 and more features.

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