Sergey Tokarev: AI can generate full-fledged work in seconds

The extreme breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence, like Chat GPT 4, has made the hype. Many experts became scared of losing their positions in companies as AI could replace them, as they considered. But there is a flipper side to AI implementation. Sergey Tokarev, Founding Partner at Roosh and Reface investor, refuted the fears that popped up in IT circles.

Sergey Tokarev: AI can generate full-fledged work in seconds

World’s reaction to the latest AI development

Primarily, AI development was aimed at simplifying monotonous human work. People believed that it would never replace creative professions. Yet nobody could imagine how far this progress could reach.

The breakthrough in AI showed the opposite outcome three years ago. Technologies learned to work with images and text so well that it made experts in creative areas worry about it. But according to Sergey Tokarev, they won’t replace humans. Instead, this novelty is an excellent opportunity for specialists to master another tool that can significantly ease their job.

“We are at the beginning of a new technology development cycle and the speed of adaptation to new conditions will directly affect your relevance in this cycle,”  believes Tokarev.

The entrepreneur explains that Artificial Intelligence can be a valuable tool in systemizing and analyzing data. It transforms data into a much more concise piece of information. Sergey Tokarev compares it to Internet development: AI can dramatically boost the speed of data transmission and processing.

“Look at GPT-4, Dalle-E, and Midjourney from this angle and you'll see that AI is actually a complement to human intelligence, not a replacement. The artist does not just invent an image in their head, they describe it for themselves and, if necessary, can transfer this description to the text,” explains the Reface investor.

Perks of AI

Artificial Intelligence can bring up many benefits. By inputting a prompt, GPT4 or another AI product reproduces information according to the request. But the problem is that people don’t know how to use it precisely.

Sergey Tokarev underlines that it is essential to create a correct prompt according to which AI will generate a thorough reply. If you use a question, make sure to formulate it with all possible details, style, etc. The investor notes that prompt generator is becoming a new profession these days.

“Right now, you can open GPT-4, ask it to create a prompt for Midjourney, provide the chat with the technical specifications of the latest Midjourney model and examples of other people's prompts, and ask it to generate the correct detailed query,” says Tokarev. “Try it, the result will be much more awesome than setting the prompt all by yourself. Your images will become photorealistic.”

Tokarev believes this might be a new trend for creative people to manage this phenomenal process. Now, there is no need to master a specific graphic editor in order to realize their idea. Instead, with the help of AI, you can generate full-fledged work in seconds.

Considering the growing flow of information today, it becomes more challenging to cope with it. AI allows you to process it faster and save you time.