What is Programmatic Advertising? Everything You Need to Know

Programmatic advertising is a very effective and efficient approach for companies to reach their target demographic. However, many people outside of the advertising industry may not be familiar with this term or understand how it works. It is essential that you understand what it is and how it works.

What is Programmatic Advertising? Everything You Need to Know

Programmatic Advertising Definition

The term "programmatic advertising" describes automated procedures that buy and sell ad space utilizing AI and algorithms. Programmatic advertising businesses offer the tools and resources necessary to streamline the buying and selling of digital advertisements.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

The use of automated technology to purchase and place digital advertising is known as programmatic advertising. This includes display ads, video ads, social media ads, and other forms of advertising. Algorithms are used to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and other variables. 

Gourmet Ads offers a wide range of Programmatic Advertising solutions to brands, agency trading desks, publisher trading desks, independent trading desks, demand side platforms, and retargeters. A programmatic advertising firm has drastically transformed how businesses target their clients. While there are numerous types of advertisements, Gourmet Ads primarily works with display, mobile, video, and native advertisements. 

Retargeting and remarketing are two effective programmatic advertising techniques that can assist businesses in reaching their target audience more efficiently. Retargeting helps you to reach out to those who have previously expressed interest in your product or service, whereas remarketing allows you to establish client loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. This enables advertisers to reach out people with the right message at the right time.

Advantages of Using Programmatic Advertising

There are numerous advantages to using programmatic advertising. 

  • It is quite efficient. Advertisers can reach a large audience with little effort by utilizing automated technology. 
  • Advertisers may ensure that their ads are viewed by the individuals who are most likely to be interested in their products or services by using data to target specific audiences. It is very targeted approach.
  • It is extremely easily measured. Advertisers can track the performance of their ads in real-time via programmatic advertising platforms' detailed analytics.

Private Marketplace Deals 

Private Marketplace Deals are often "Invite Only" or Exclusive Programmatic Advertising Auctions that provide the bidder with priority or preferred access in the Ad Server or SSP on a Semi-Reserved basis at agreed-upon cost. Deals are often made up of preset High-Quality Inventory or targeted Audience Segments.

When it comes to Private Marketplace Deals, Gourmet Ads takes a unique approach. We divide Private Marketplace Deals into 4 main groups, namely Media Type, Placement, Contextual, and Audience.

What is Deal Id?

A deal ID is essentially a code that is passed as part of the bid request from the supply-side platform (SSP) to the demand-side platform (DSP). It enables the DSP to find and bid on specific inventory in a private marketplace based on the publisher's rules and constraints.

Setup Deal IDs for Private Marketplace Deals

Deal IDs are an important component of private marketplaces, allowing publishers to manage access to their inventory and buyers to more efficiently target certain demographics. They rely on integration and communication between SSPs and DSPs to guarantee that deals are done effectively and that the two sides obtain the intended advantages. As programmatic advertising evolves, it is expected that deal IDs will play an even larger role in the buying and selling of digital advertising inventory.

Programmatic Management Services

Allow our team Gourmet Ads to handle your programmatic campaigns. We've been providing Programmatic Managed Services to brands and their advertising agencies since 2008. To assure success, our team possesses both strategic and tactical experience, as well as a global footprint of ad operations.

Smart Deals 

Every buyer has a unique 3rd Party verification measurement tool, and every brand has unique programmatic goals. Smart Deals are a sort of private marketplace that are created using data science and machine learning within the Appnexus Ad Server and are based on specific campaign KPIs in real-time. 

Reserving High-Quality Inventory 

The practice of reserving certain ad positions on premium publisher sites via programmatic buying is known as high-quality inventory reserving. This means that marketers can reserve inventory on specific websites or areas of websites, ensuring that their advertising reach their intended audience. High-quality inventory reserving offers publishers with a consistent source of revenue and allows them to keep control over their ad placements.

Programmatic Guaranteed

The maximum level of quality and dependability is offered by programmatic guarantee, a particular kind of inventory reserving. Advertisers can reserve inventory with a guaranteed number of impressions on particular premium publisher websites using programmatic guarantee.

Gourmet Ads gives customers the option to lock in Programmatic Guaranteed with Higher Priority than standard PMPs or Deal IDs on an individual basis.

Curated Deals

Gourmet Ads' managed supply deals, which are often set up in Appnexus, differ from Curated Deals. While managed supply deals focus on supply-side optimization, Curated Deals provide a unique combination of supply and demand optimization, as well as customized brand safety measures.

A scalable option provided by Gourmet Ads is known as Curated Deals. One of the primary advantages of Curated Deals is their scalability. Advertisers might begin with a little investment and progressively increase it when they get the desired results. This adaptability is especially valuable for small and medium-sized enterprises trying to grow their reach without taking on too much risk.

Marketplace for Programmatic Open Exchange 

Programmatic buyers can access Gourmet Ads' inventory directly through an Open Exchange Marketplace (through Xandr Member ID 1792) that runs behind our PMPs and Deal IDs. Our Open Exchange in Xandr uses a second price auction as its pricing strategy.

Viewability Purchasing with Confidence

Gourmet Ads provides two Viewability solutions for advertisers who use Viewability measurements as a key KPI for campaigns. Depending on your needs, we provide MRC Viewability Standard and GroupM Viewability Standard, both of which are executed by Private Marketplace Deals.

Programmatic Advertising

In the advertising sector, programmatic advertising is a fast-expanding trend that enables advertisers to more efficiently contact their target demographic through automated and data-driven advertising strategies. Real-time ad buying and placement are made possible by the use of advanced algorithms and data analysis, enabling highly targeted and individualized marketing campaigns.

Programmatic Marketing

With programmatic marketing, you have control over which publishers will show your ads, when and how often they are shown to potential customers. You will only be required to pay for highly effective advertisements that were presented to the appropriate audience through programmatic marketing. There are numerous strategies for marketing a product or service. Programmatic Marketing is a particularly unique technique to market in the digital age.