The Biggest Drawbacks Of Doing Your Own SEO (As Opposed To Hiring The Experts)

Every business owner feels protective of their business. It’s perfectly natural when you build something from the ground up, put your blood, sweat, and tears into it, and watch as it flourishes. However, there’s one mistake that many small business owners make: they cling to the idea that they are much better off doing their SEO themselves and saving as much money as possible.

The Biggest Drawbacks Of Doing Your Own SEO (As Opposed To Hiring The Experts)

In this article, we’re going to talk about the biggest drawbacks of doing your own SEO (rather than hiring the experts as an alternative).

Are you one of those business owners who’ve yet to outsource their online marketing requirements? If so, read on for an alternative solution…

1. Limited expertise

There’s no question that you are an expert at what you do; otherwise, why would you start your own business?

But unless you own and manage a digital marketing agency, trying to do your own SEO with limited expertise is not so dissimilar to playing a computer game on hard mode without even learning the basic controls.

Sure, there’s an ocean of information at your fingertips, but there’s a big difference between knowing how to do something, and actually being able to do it.

There are also some SEO experts that are specifically targeting certain niches, such as improving google dental rankings, and therefore have the experience suited for your niche that you would not be able to obtain overnight.

2. Less growth potential

Whether you handle your SEO all by yourself or you have another employee who helps pick up some of the slack, you’ll struggle to actualise your true growth potential with limited resources.

 The fact is, a well-strategized SEO campaign with the help of an SEO agency that is bound for long-term success, requires several industry experts tackling a multitude of tasks at once, from data analysts, content writers, technical SEO experts, strategists, designers, and more.

Unless you are ready to take on all those roles on top of managing your business, it may be worth looking elsewhere for some assistance.

3. No accountability

Who do you blame when you aren’t getting the results you desire? Sure, you can put the blame on yourself, but that accountability doesn’t translate to progress. You can give yourself a slap on the wrist but that isn’t going to help you fix a campaign that was bound for failure from the start.

With an SEO agency on the books, if in the event things aren’t going to plan, you can hold them accountable – and they will take the appropriate action to remedy those errors.

Fortunately, if you hire well-established professionals with a reputation for success (like this SEO in Singapore, for example), the only thing you’ll need to hold them accountable for is your awesome progress.

4. The great unknown

Just as you’ll be lacking in the expertise department, there’s also an awful lot of knowledge out there that you won’t know. In fact, what’s worse is that there’s so much you won’t know you don’t know about until it is too late.

Even the most experienced industry-experts with decades in digital marketing are forever learning. So, rather than start from zero, why not let the pros take care of you instead?

5. A massive time-sink

SEO is very resource intensive, especially if you want to get it right. In order to be able to achieve game-changing results, you’re going to need to invest an awful lot of your precious time. Precious time that would be far better spent on doing what you do best – and indeed being with your friends and family.

Yes, we understand the desire to save money, but time is far more valuable than any currency – and it’s finite.

Conclusion: Hire the very best

Your business is your baby and the thought of granting a third-party digital marketing agency access to the more intimate details is understandably frightening. However, if you make a point of hiring only the very best, with tonnes of social proof and real life case studies, you can significantly reduce your risk – while taking advantage of the many, many benefits that come from hiring a professional marketing agency.

If you are going to do it, do it right.