Facial Feminization Surgery

Gender-affirming facial feminization surgery (FFS) entails various plastic and craniofacial procedures intended to make masculine-appearing features appear more feminine, making the appearance of transgender people more harmonious with their gender identity. Transgender people often feel unease as there is an inconsistency between their biologically assigned gender at birth and what is reflected through gender identification. FFS may provide relief.

Facial Feminization Surgery

SLUCare facial cosmetic surgeons can assist in reshaping the forehead, chin and jaw to achieve more feminine facial proportions. The procedure can also reduce any large bony ridges in the chin area as well as correct existing asymmetries in the face.


Feminization surgery, commonly referred to as facial gender confirmation (FFS), combines aesthetic and craniofacial procedures to assist transgender women and gender non-conforming individuals look more feminine. The procedure may change the size and shape of forehead, nose and jawline in order to create an alluring feminine visage; additionally it can reduce chin size while shaving Adam's apple (cartilage at front of throat).

Prior to having FFS, you'll meet with your surgeon and discuss all of your goals, wants, and needs. From there they'll develop a treatment plan which may include procedures such as:


Feminizing rhinoplasty entails resizing your nose, reshaping its structure to narrow or straighten its bridge and narrow nostril width, and potentially altering the tip to be more petite and pointed.

Sometimes rhinoplasty forms part of facial feminization surgery (FFS), which includes procedures designed to alter your forehead and jawline reshaping as well. FFS seeks to match up your appearance with that of your gender identity.

Transgender people tend to have larger Adam's apples - which resemble lumps on the front of throat - which a tracheal shave can reduce by shaving away some cartilage; this procedure may also be combined with facelift or chin shave procedures and studies have revealed improved psychosocial wellbeing for transgender individuals who undergo facial feminization surgery.

Chin shave

The chin plays an essential part in facial balance and proportion. A prominent chin can detract from a positive facial profile, drawing unwanted attention. Transgender people unable to achieve feminine features through hormone therapy may benefit from having chin reduction surgery as part of their gender affirmation journey.

Dr. Mardirossian employs precise instruments and his steady hands, to access the chin and jaw through tiny incisions in the mouth and make changes that narrow, soften, or make more feminine features appear on your jawline.

Chin shave procedures may also be combined with other FFS surgeries such as neck lift and forehead contouring to create an instantly feminine face that stands out.

Hairline lowering

Patients with high hairlines can benefit from our simple procedure to lower it. An incision in the skin of the forehead allows us to create a rounder hairline and decrease size of forehead while creating rounder appearance - often combined with facelift or rhinoplasty surgery for maximum effectiveness.

As facial feminization surgery involves working on soft tissues and delicate areas of the head, it is imperative to find a surgeon with extensive craniofacial experience. This means they possess knowledge in regards to both skull anatomy and cosmetic concerns specific to gender identity issues.

After surgery, it's equally as essential to follow post-op instructions and care, such as refraining from forceful facial rubbing or overly rigorous exercises. Results may take up to one year before they become evident.

Fat transfer

Fat transfer is a popular facial feminization procedure that utilizes your own body's natural fat reserves to fill and reshape areas of the face. Fat is collected via minor liposuction before being processed for injection into specific facial regions.

This procedure can enhance cheeks for a fuller, more feminine appearance while concealing hollow areas under your eyes and any nasolabial folds that could make you appear tired or sad. Furthermore, it can reduce chin and jaw areas.

Facial Feminization Surgery, commonly referred to as FFS, involves several procedures designed to alter your forehead, nose, hairline, chin and jaw so as to create a more feminine aesthetic for transgender people transitioning from male to female or nonbinary gender expression. Many transgender people report improved psychosocial wellbeing after receiving FFS procedures. For more information, please visit Facialcosmeticsurgery.ca.