How Renovation Can Make Your Basement A Comfortable Retreat

Transform your basement into an extravagant retreat by selecting elements that exude opulence. Choose a theme that complements your decor, and design a room around fireplace, family photos on frames, and luxurious floor coverings.

How Renovation Can Make Your Basement A Comfortable Retreat

Create a comfortable guest bedroom by creating one with an en-suite bathroom and lots of storage. A light well can bring natural light in while adding visual interest. The benefits of basement renovation can add additional space, increase the value of your home, and create the perfect area to entertain family and friends.

Home Office

Home offices have become more popular than ever. They provide an oasis of calm where you can focus on work or personal projects without being distracted by kids or an energetic partner! Home offices can be especially beneficial if there are little ones or an energetic man living under one roof!

Home offices don't need to be dull places! By adding colorful accents like bright pink area rugs or orange drawers, your office can look sophisticated yet fashionable without compromising functionality.

Basements provide the ideal space for creating music rooms or art studios. Doing this helps separate these activities from the main living spaces in your house and prevent messy clutter from appearing there.

Media Room

A media room is designed to foster socialization, so you and your guests can enjoy watching movies or sports together. Use a large flat screen television and add an audio system that offers clear sound.

Be sure that your new seating is as comfortable as possible with options like recliners and sofas in soft, luxurious fabrics. Be sure to include storage for remotes and board games to maintain a neat appearance in the area, and add power conditioning so your viewing and listening experiences will be enhanced by pure power delivery.

Guest Retreat

Invite guests to relax with plush throw blankets, soft rugs, and soothing colors - or add decorative elements such as stepped ceilings and wall accents for an enhanced experience.

Give your guests an essential basket with essentials such as tissue, hand sanitizer and toiletries to help make them feel at home while packing light. This will make their stay memorable while providing something they may forget or need during their travels.

An accomplished seamstress can transform even the smallest spare room into a sewing studio with just the addition of easel, drafting table and drapery - even just adding these elements can transform any bedroom into an enjoyable creative oasis!

Kid’s Playroom

Children benefit from having a designated space for creative play that doesn't interfere with other areas. Design features like sleep alcoves or bunk beds can make this space perfect for sleepovers.

Personalized storage solutions like lockers are a fun and functional addition to the playroom, while wall-mountable wooden crates add even more storage capacity. DIY storage ideas such as this are simple enough for children to complete using just a hammer, nails and level.

Add a childish flair to your basement with custom-built playhouses and chalkboard walls, plus dressing up boxes so your kids can become their favourite princesses and superheroes at a moment's notice!

Art Studio

Art studios are fascinating places, the incubator for new concepts, styles and forms of art. As such, artists frequently turn to them as an escape from daily stressors; some even see them as holy spaces. But artist retreats may not be suitable for everyone - as some require safe havens from mental illness symptoms - which is why it's essential that every artist evaluate their needs for such a space and whether one might provide benefits.


A garage is one of the most versatile spaces at home if it has enough room to make it cozy, such as with this design by Stephanie Davidson. It can become a guest house or small home office. Thanks to clerestory windows and beautiful timber cladding, Stephanie created an inviting exterior while making this garage spacious within.

This family needed a sanctuary for their kids and friends to relax, but couldn't use their basement entertainment room due to its frequent usage by teenagers playing video games. So designer Kelly Mittleman helped them transform their 1919 Craftsman garage into the perfect getaway spot.