The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows

Window replacement projects can be completed year-round; however, choosing the appropriate season to begin will have a profound impact on their results. Below we have provided a breakdown of each season's advantages and disadvantages in detail:

The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows

Fall is the ideal season for window replacement, as it offers protection from both hot summer temperatures and winter chills - not to mention windows often being discounted during this time! Additionally, the Edmonton windows and doors series, which are offered in the fall, are benefitting from the higher quality and improved warranty protection that come with purchasing during this season. On the downside, the fall window installation window (pun intended!) is the shortest, only lasting from September to November.


Springtime is one of the most popular times to install new windows. Homeowners take advantage of tax rebates while installers see increased demand during this season.

Warm temperatures also facilitate window installation, as you won't waste energy by having to run both furnace and air conditioner simultaneously, plus higher temperatures allow caulk to adhere more easily.

On the downside, high demand means higher prices and longer installation times, not to mention unexpected spring storms that delay projects further. Pollen season can also make life uncomfortable for allergy sufferers. To protect your home during installation and reduce dust/debris build-up more efficiently for installers working around existing frames of windows it's also wise to reduce any foliage blocking access to them such as hedgerows.


New windows can help keep temperatures from reaching extreme highs while decreasing air-conditioning costs and improving energy efficiency in your home.

Springtime window replacements tend to be popular due to blooming flowers and trees; however, summer brings high demand. Companies will become booked up quickly, leading to longer wait times and increased costs for you as a customer.

If you decide to replace your windows during the summer, it is wise to cover your work area with durable floor to ceiling plastic sheeting to minimize dust, dirt and debris from escaping into your environment. Furthermore, keeping pets away from this space will protect them as well as reduce risks of accidents or injuries during this process.

Fall is an excellent time to upgrade your windows, with lower crowd levels than spring and summer and lower chances of rainfall compared with spring or summer replacement windows. Plus, fall offers less UV radiation exposure for better air quality!


Outdated windows allow heat to escape your home, driving up energy bills every month. Replacing them with newer ones can keep the temperatures comfortable both summer and winter - thus, replacing them now would help your energy costs to stay manageable! Since fall is typically less busy for contractors and replacement window installers alike, now may be the ideal time to replace your windows before the seasons change! Plus you won't pay as much or wait as long for completion!

Window replacement should take place during mild weather conditions for optimal results and installation process. Doing it this way ensures your new windows will seal perfectly without any complications during installation; additionally, spring/summer months tend to experience greater demand which may cause delays and higher costs for replacement services.


Winter can be the ideal time for replacing windows that leak cold air into your home and are increasing energy bills. Cracked or damaged panes must be addressed immediately as this could increase utility bills while decreasing comfort in the home.

Installing new windows during the winter season can help to reduce heating costs while providing an extra layer of protection against bitter weather. It also comes with the benefit of shorter lead times due to a less hectic contractor schedule. These windows can ensure that your home stays warm through the winter months, as well as grant you peace of mind knowing that you are safeguarding yourself from any form of inclement weather. 

If in doubt as to whether to repair or replace a broken window, it is best to consult a window specialist who can inspect the damage and make helpful suggestions about the best course of action.