WellnessLiving - All-In-One Software Solution For Fitness and Wellness Businesses

WellnessLiving is a comprehensive business management tool, combining online booking, staff scheduling and resource allocation, point of sale transactions, detailed reporting capabilities and email marketing for an optimal business management solution.

WellnessLiving - All-In-One Software Solution For Fitness and Wellness Businesses

Increase revenue with an integrated rewards system for your clients. Allow them to earn free services, discounts or prizes and foster client loyalty!

Improve class scheduling and let clients select their ideal spot in your studio when booking online - be it near a window, close to a fan or closer to their instructor. WellnessLiving All-In-One Software Solution gives fitness and wellness businesses the power to better manage their customers, staff, and business practices.

Online Booking Software

WellnessLiving provides online booking, resource scheduling and lead generation solutions for yoga studios, gyms, spas, salons and other health and fitness establishments. In addition, this technology includes client management tools as well as other features like client billing solutions, staff management modules, payment processing capabilities as well as analytics & reporting solutions.

WellnessLiving allows clients to book classes and services using an interactive calendar that shows real-time availability of schedules. Furthermore, Elevate is a staff app that enables accessing schedules, communicating with other team members, building custom reports and accessing personal schedules.

WellnessLiving also assists businesses with customer acquisition by offering marketing and loyalty programs, and managing payments by supporting multiple forms of payment such as cash, cheques, credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets.

Client Portal

WellnessLiving's Client Portal allows clients to view schedules, book appointments or classes and purchase merchandise easily online. Mobile-friendly, this portal can also be customized to match each business brand.

WellnessLiving mobile app enables clients to easily book services while on the move, and is available for iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, clients can use the client app for automatic email confirmations and reminders sent out directly by wellnessLiving.

WellnessLiving's reports enable businesses to monitor and measure key performance indicators (KPIs), such as bookings, staff payroll, sales performance and marketing effectiveness. Users can customize these reports using various filters and data fields for maximum functionality compared with MINDBODY which requires expensive add-ons or third-party integrations for maximum functionality.

Flexible Payment Solutions

WellnessLiving provides an integrated business management and payment processing solution designed for yoga, pilates, martial arts, fitness studios, salons, spas and personal trainer studios. The software features online booking, staff scheduling and automated payments as well as access monitoring tools designed to increase client attendance rates and foster loyalty among customers.

WellnessLiving's user-friendly client portal enables clients to book sessions and classes quickly and conveniently, fully customizable to match the brand of each studio. In addition, dynamic email marketing tools help attract new clients while maintaining relationships with existing ones.

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Dynamic Email Marketing

Email personalization is an effective strategy to drive customer engagement and conversions. By employing dynamic software, marketers can customize the content of an email based on various inputs.

Remind customers about birthdays or important events is an effective way to drive sales or services bookings and additional product purchases; subscription boxes like Barkbox use dynamic software to send emails with customized visuals directly to subscribers in order to increase bookings and bookings.

WellnessLiving was launched as an alternative to MINDBODY with client management solutions designed to assist studios manage classes/appointments, billing, POS, payroll and low-cost merchant processing for fitness and wellness studios such as yoga, pilates, fitness, martial arts and salons. Their system supports an array of fitness studios including yoga, pilates, fitness, martial arts and salons.

Easy Scheduling

WellnessLiving is the leading business management software designed for fitness and wellness businesses that specialize in classes, events, appointments, or membership services. They focus on customer satisfaction with thousands of happy clients worldwide utilizing WellnessLiving's software solutions.

Reduce paperwork by offering online waivers and client profiles. Your clients can sign their forms using any mobile phone app, mouse click or signature pad and it is instantly saved to their individual client profile.

Provide your clients with the freedom to book classes, appointments and services from any device using our powerful web-based software. Our intuitive calendar offers color coding to quickly search or filter services.

NPE is delighted to join forces with WellnessLiving and provide fitness and wellness business owners the tools necessary to automate operations and increase profitability month-after-month. NPE members qualify for 50% off WellnessLiving's Professional Plan as well as three months free use of their customized app!

To conclude, well-being businesses of all kinds can benefit from using WellnessLiving's All-In-One Software Solution to enjoy higher attendance rates with online booking software. Businesses may reach their highest level of efficiency with features like reservations, staff scheduling, and integrated incentives systems, which increases profitability and boosts customer happiness. All businesses may access the Professional Plan thanks to NPE's cheap offer.