UAE Golden Visa for Programmers and IT professionals

Specialists from the field of computer technology can apply for a special work and residence permit in the Emirates.

UAE Golden Visa for Programmers and IT professionals

The country gets top-notch professionals to create and expand the digital innovation market in exchange for the benefits and rewards that the legislation provides to foreigners.

Understanding the UAE Golden Visa

It is planned to issue about a hundred thousand UAE golden visa for it professionals. Entrepreneurs and startups in the programming field can get Dubai golden visa or another emirate. The idea of the algorithm is quite simple. A foreign specialist receives a residence permit in the region in exchange for investment or talent. In addition, the government encourages residents with various benefits. 

Not only the main applicant but also his family can apply for the papers. Relatives can be included in the application form. However, the main applicant must prove the ability to care for relatives. 

Eligibility Criteria for UAE Golden Visa for Programmers and IT Professionals

No age or nationality restrictions apply to applicants for the permit. The application must be submitted through the Office of Artificial Intelligence. The eligible candidate's participation implies the following:

  • work in international technology companies;
  • success in various fields of computer technology;
  • education in software engineering, computer science, and information technology.

The expert of Immigrant Invest, Zlata Erlach, notes that some requirements may vary depending on the emirate, so it is necessary to study all the information in detail to have a better chance of getting your application approved.

Process of Acquiring UAE Golden Visa for Programmers and IT Professionals

It should be clarified that if the candidate is applying for a permit outside the country, it is also necessary to apply for an entry visa. You can find all the information on official government websites or contact an agency for migration assistance. It will help save time and avoid mistakes in the naturalization of Golden visa programs

The whole process is as follows:

  1. Submitting an application. Preparing and presenting documents confirming your education, degree, salary, etc., would be best.
  2. Pay all required fees.
  3. Undergo a medical examination.
  4. Getting your application approved and placing the visa in your passport.

It is an approximate path of a foreigner who applies for a long-term visa in the Arab Emirates, and there may be nuances directly related to each application form. So, Dubai golden visa for it specialists and a similar permit in Abu Dhabi have some differences in the algorithm of actions.

Living and Working in the UAE as a Programmer or IT Professional

Experienced residents in various forums share their success stories and form the pros and cons, which in their opinion, has UAE golden visa for programmers. Here are the most popular of them:

  • ability to support your family, including your parents;
  • the visa is automatically renewed if the requirements are met;
  • unique discounts for gold card holders.

However, if you are absent from the country for any reason during the six months, the permit is revoked. Obtaining the document is quite costly, especially if the application is from a family. Nevertheless, if you divide this cost by the duration of the visa, the amount is quite reasonable. The application platform is somewhat complicated to work with. Many people encounter errors and have to lose time to solve certain problems.

Digital professionals get, among other things, access to quality medicine and a high standard of living. The main thing to remember is that this region has strict rules, and despite some indulgences for foreigners, there are laws, and their observance is monitored.


The Long-Term Visa Initiative has been in place in the state since 2019. The goal is to attract talented and highly skilled professionals from all over the world. The presence of a sponsor under the conditions of this scheme is not required, as well as there are no restrictions on the age and nationality of candidates. It is only necessary to prove your achievements and education.

The government offers various benefits and privileges to residents on different issues. A favorable tax environment, developed infrastructure, and quality medicine contribute to the popularity of the Arab Emirates. During the program's existence, about 70 thousand foreign citizens have managed to take advantage of it. There are other ways to obtain permission because the region seeks to develop many areas of activity. 

In order to quickly and easily resolve issues with a visa, you should seek the help of professionals. This is the only way you can avoid trouble, as experts are familiar with all the subtleties and nuances in this matter.