What Are Custom Brushes in Procreate & How Do They Help?

Digital artists and designers have long embraced Procreate as one of the most versatile creative tools for the iPad. Among its numerous features, custom brushes stand out the most.

What Are Custom Brushes in Procreate & How Do They Help?

Procreate's custom brushes allow artists to express their creativity with unprecedented freedom and precision. It brings in new possibilities that traditional tools can't match. 

This article explores Procreate custom brushes and how they can enhance creativity.

What Are Custom Brushes in Procreate?

Procreate comes with a vast collection of pre-installed brushes. They mimic various traditional art tools like pencils, brushes, and markers. However, the real magic lies in the ability to create custom brushes tailored to an artist's unique style. 

Custom brushes in Procreate are digital presets that allow artists to define the characteristics of a brush. These include shape, texture, opacity, flow, and more. Modifying these attributes helps artists craft brushes that behave like anything from a watercolor brush to a grungy ink pen.

The Advantages of Custom Brushes

There are several advantages of using custom brushes for your digital artwork. These include:

  • Exploring Creativity: Custom brushes empower artists to bring their visions to life with precision and originality. Fine-tuning each parameter helps create brushes that feel like a natural extension of their hand. The customization facilitates unique art styles and allows artists to stand out in a crowded digital art landscape.
  • Tailored to Specific Projects: Custom brushes can be tailored to suit specific projects. It allows artists to tackle different art styles and genres efficiently. Whether character design, landscapes, comic book illustrations, or intricate patterns, custom brushes ensure artists have the perfect tool to get every job done.
  • Time-Saving and Efficient: Custom brushes streamline the creative process and boost productivity. Once you create a preferred brush, you can save it for future use. It eliminates the need to recreate it from scratch. The time-saving aspect is helpful for professional artists who work on tight deadlines and require consistent results.
  • Realistic Replication of Traditional Media: Many artists choose Procreate for its ability to mimic traditional media realistically. Custom brushes take this capability to new heights by allowing artists to recreate the textures and strokes of their favorite conventional tools. It enables artists to combine traditional and digital art styles seamlessly.

Creating Custom Brushes in Procreate in 4 Steps

Here is one of the ways to create a custom brush in Procreate:

1. Access the Brush Library

To start creating custom brushes, open Procreate and select a blank canvas. Tap the brush icon to access the brush library, which displays pre-installed brushes.

2. Duplicate

To modify an existing brush, select it from the library and duplicate it by swiping left and tapping "Duplicate." It ensures you have a backup of the original brush.

3. Customize

With the duplicated brush selected, tap "Brush Settings" to access the customization options. You can experiment with brush shape, grain, dynamics, and other parameters here. Procreate offers several options to fine-tune the behavior of the brush.

4. Save and Name

Once satisfied with the modifications, tap the "+" icon at the top left corner of the brush settings to save the custom brush. Give it a unique name, and it will be added to your brush library for future use.

The Bottom Line

Custom brushes in Procreate have changed digital art creation, granting artists unparalleled creative freedom and efficiency. Creating brushes that align perfectly with one's artistic vision enables artists to explore new styles and concepts. 

As the popularity of digital art continues to soar, custom brushes remain at the forefront of enhancing creativity in digital illustration.