How to Save your Laptop or Mobile from Overheating

As hot and cool weather effects your mood, just like that it effects the gadgets you use. But technology always have ways to overcome any stiuation. Just as you try and do something to make your mood cool in hot days, the same you have to do to save your gadgets from overheating.

How to Save your Laptop or Mobile from Overheating

In this article, we are going to discuss about some different ideas that will help you know about how to save your laptop and mobile phone from overheating if you have been in an area with hot weather.

How to Save your Laptop or Mobile from Overheating

You can follow the mentioned guides to save your laptop and mobile phone from getting over heated, that is most important to protect your gadgets and keep them able to work in a good way.

Temperature of the Gadget

  • It's normal that because of the use of batteries in your gadgets, they get warm. But to be warm does not mean to be overheated. You have to check the temperature of the laptop or mobile phone whether it is getting warm normally, or not.
  • For laptop you can use a free temperature monitoring tool, that will help you to find about the temperature of your laptop, if you want to know.
  • Mobile phones are more advanced form of technology, some of them has built in temperature sensors that can inform the users that the phone is getting over heated. And many of the mobile phones automatically shut down when the battery is getting overheated.

Keep your Gadgets Away from Hot Cars and Direct Sunlight

  • Don't leave your mobile phone or laptop on charging, playing music or turned on in direct sunlight or in a car parked in any hot place. 
  • If you will do this, this can damage your gadget. As you take care of your skin in hot places and hot cars, just like that take care of your gadgets, use the gadgets in some shady areas if you are outside of your home or office, and if you are in hot car then turn the AC on of your car to keep your device' temperature at normal.

Cool your Device before Using

  • If you have been traveling in a hot area with your mobile phone or laptop, then don't turn the device just after getting back home or office. Let your device to be on its normal temerature and then turn it on.

Device Settings

  • In your device, turn off the applications that use more battery, because these applications turn your battery hotter.
  • The other thing you can do is to use battery saving mode.
  • You can also turn the Airplane mode on, that will disable Wi-Fi, GPS and the cellular connection you are using. Nobody can even call you with this mode on. This way you can let your device to be cooled down sharply.

Cooloing Stand

  • There are cooling stands available for your laptops, that you can carry with your laptop and pop your laptop into the cooloing stand whenever you feel your laptop is getting overheated. This is a wise investment to have a laptop cooling stand.

Shutting Down the Device

  • When you have nothing to do on your mobile phone or laptop, you should shut down the device. Some devices turn off automatically after some time when no one is using. But you have to shut down some devices by yourself to save battery life and save them from getting overheated.


Q: Should we use the heated devices?

Ans: Try not to use or turn on the overheated device, doing this can destroy the device or its software.

Q: Can a device be cooled down in a freezer if it gets overheated?

Ans: Your device is not a cold drink, that will get better and cooled in a freezer, don't try this method with your gadgets, doing this will destry the device and damage its software.

So, this was an elaborative and interesting guide for you about how to save your laptop or mobile phone from overheating.

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