Warrior X 4 USB-C and MCC Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Features

The famous series from Olight has been upgraded with the new version featuring a longer range beam of 630 metres, and a strong output of 2,600 lumens.

Warrior X 4 USB-C and MCC Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Features
Photo by Olight

Accessible in Camouflage or black finishes.

Now the warrior X4 tactical torch has USB Type C and MCC charging port (3.5 hours charge time), hidden under a collar which can be revealed by unscrewing it. On the side there is a three color battery level indicator presenting the battery capacity in Amber, Green and Red. A type C is provided with the Warrior X4. And it specs the same vibrating battery warning of previous models.

Using a high capacity custom 21700 li-ion battery, it is rated to 5000mAh feature for longer run times.

Body design is the same classic warrior style, with an amazingly crafted metal tail cap switch, tactical ring and with a stainess steel bezel for glass breaking or defence.

Olights aero grade aluminum alloy body is warm hearted for abrasion resistance, and the glass LED cover is tempered and has anti reflective coatings.

Quick glance

  • Magnetic switch with reinforced magnet
  • 5000 mAh 21700 capacity battery
  • More aggressive tube with a safer grip, simple operation
  • Even quicker charging with the super efficient MCC3 charging cable
  • All tactical accessories in one lamp, silicone tactical ring, vibrating battery indicator, etc
  • IPX8 waterproof aluminum housing designed for heavy use, shockproof up to drop of two meters.


Multiple charging options

The Warrior X4 is powered by an added lithium-ion 21700 battery that is rechargeable through the tail switch with the MCC3 magnetic cable or using the torch USB-C port. This permits you to keep the light charged in diverse circumstances by plugging in to a power bank or computer USB output wherever you are.

Handy tactical light tool

This torch is operable with single hand thanks to its easy yet versatile tail switch, now redesigned for an excellent user experience. The tactical grip ring better one-handed command when employed in concert with other tools in the off-hand. The added holster makes the amazing easy to keep with you so you are prepared at all times.

Peak performance

When it comes to outputs, the Warrior X4 has a 2600 lumen maximum brightness that is better over the Warrior X3. You can gain access to dual user modes with 2 outputs each, providing an adaptive but intuitive illumination tool for every event. Regular modes provide highest brightness but also have a 300 lumen second level which spreads the runtime to eight hours. Tactical mode means brightness with a long-lasting, 1000-lumen output plus a 2600 lumen strobe for signaling and self-defense. On hunting trips or on the work, the Warrior X4 is a top-notch contender for your next tactical powerhouse.

Lighting levels

Regular mode high: 2600 – 300 Lumens

In regular mode, the Olight Warrior X4 showcases a versatile high setting that perfectly transitions from, an intense 2,600 lumens to a tactical 1,000 lumens and then to practical 300 lumens.  This amazing range makes sure adaptability in many scenarios, providing specific illumination for different needs.

Run time: The high setting provides three minutes at 2,600 lumens, followed by 140 minutes at 1,000 lumens, and an extra 20 minutes at 300 lumens.

Regular mode low; 300 lumens

The regular mode low setting maintains a powerful 300 lumens for an extended eight hours, providing a reliable and continues lighting option for prolonged use. This mode is perfect for conditions that need a lower, sustained level of illumination.

  • Runtime: Eight hours at 300 lumens.

Tactical mode medium – 1,000 – 300 lumens

Tactical mode introduces a medium setting that change between a potent 1,000 lumens and a more subdued 300 lumens. This mode caters to tactical conditions, providing flexibility in lighting intensity for different tactical needs.

  • Runtime: 150 minutes at 1,000 lumens, with an extra 20 minutes at 300 lumens.
  • Strobe: 13Hz at 2,600 lumens

The strobe spec in the Olight Warrior X4 runs at a frequency of 13Hz, delivering disorienting flashes at the strong 2,600 lumens level. This mode is designed for tactical benefit, providing a disorienting effect when required.

  • Strobe frequency: 13Hz
  • Lumen output: 2,600 lumens

These 4 modes collectively make the Olight Warrior X4 is an adaptive and versatile lighting tool, perfect for a big range of scenarios and user preferences.


What is the range of the Olight Warrior X4?

The torch boasts a remarkable range of 630 meters, ensuring strong and effective illumination over long distances.

Can the Olight Warrior X4 be charged with a USB-C cable? 

Yes, the torch features dual charging capabilities, including USB-C port on the torch itself, providing flexible and convenient recharging options.

What is the warranty period for the Olight Warrior X4?

This torch provides a 5 year replacement or warranty for the torch, along with 1 year warranty for the battery, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term reliability.

Can I use the Olight warrior X4 for tactical objectives?

Yes, the torch is designed with tactical features in mind, featuring a strobe function, tactical mode, and reinforced hard nylon belt-mountable holster for fast and efficient deployment.

Does the Olight Warrior X4 come with any accessories?

Yes, the torch is compatible with a magnetic remote pressure switch, permitting users to activate the light tactically. Additionally, it comes with a fast dock/release belt-mountable nylon holster for included ease.

End words

The rechargeable 2600 lumen Olight Warrior X4 is a versatile tactical torch that has dual charging options, and gathers high output and long-range features, boasting an amazing highest beam distance of 630 metres. Its stainless steel strike bezel and tail switch include amazing reliability and ruggedness, and in addition to optional MCC charging, the torch provides a hidden Type-C charging port, ensuring a charging option to match various requirements.

With the programming function, users have the freedom to customise their experience with big tail switch, whether they favor tactical or regular lighting modes. This level of breasatility combine with the added holster enhances both user-friendliness and performance.