3 Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye Throughout 2024

Cryptocurrencies are seemingly everywhere nowadays, from being available on regular banking apps to being accepted as a payment method online, so it makes sense why they’re everywhere on the news. However, if you think you’ve missed out on the chance to bank on Bitcoin back in its early delays, you don’t have to really worry about it as there are plenty of other coins that could replicate its success. 

3 Cryptocurrencies To Keep An Eye Throughout 2024

Keeping in mind its volatile nature, there are multiple coins you should keep an eye out for that could potentially be the next big cryptocurrency. And if you’re not someone who doesn’t understand the basics, you can check out platforms like cryptocurrencyhelp.com that can provide you with what you need. After all, checking out the below coins won’t be enough if you don’t know how the system works properly.


If you’re looking for a coin that is basically a gaming experience, then Tamadoge is a currency you should keep an eye out for. It’s considered to be a meme coin, where you can not only buy coins but actually play to earn the coins. In fact, by just signing up to their platform you earn 20 credits which can be used on the platform.

This is not the first coin of its kind that allows you to play to earn, but it certainly is one of the most popular. Which is quite the feat, since it only came out very recently. Plus, the coin is the token of the Tamaverse, a digital world where you can not only mint but also breed and battle with NFT pets. 

It’s clear that with this playful approach, Tamadoge is set to make waves in the community. Moreover, as it's still very new, it’s expected to grow even more with more games being available and more users joining. And as a coin with a cap of 2 billion coins, once that is reached, it is highly likely that the price will surge marking it as a great investment option.


Solana is already considered to be one of the best cryptocurrencies out there. But even though it has one of the strongest systems, often hailed for its high-speed transactions, it has suffered a lot recently with the crypto crashes.

However, as one of the most eco-friendly currencies, a rarity amidst all of the currencies that are unfortunately only adding to climate change, there is hope for it in the future. This is exactly why we believe you should keep tabs on it.

With this more ecologically focused society and laws being adapted to save our planet, there are many coins that are expected to suffer from this. As it is more energy efficient, mainly due to its POH consensus mechanisms, it is probably the biggest competitor of the ever popular Ethereum. This competition could fuel potential growth for the coin.

Additionally, Solana has lower fees than Ethereum, and even Bitcoin, which is always an added plus for those looking to avoid heavier transaction costs. While it’s showing a downtrend, it is always best to invest in lower-cost coins, after all, there’s less to lose and more to gain.


When you think of the Ripple coin, you probably would be worried about the lawsuit they faced. However, fret not as they won, and as such, the price immediately went up. 

It probably is the most unique coin of the ones we’ve mentioned, as it’s an alternative to not specifically money, but more of a money-transfer option like SWIFT. This alone already highly differentiates it, as it’s prized to completely upend the way money moves around. 

Those who regularly transfer money internationally, already know that the current system is riddled with high transaction fees and issues. Ripple currently allows for much faster and lower-cost international transfers, so it’s easy to see why it would be great for individuals and business owners alike.

However, there is a minor concern with the fact that Ripple consists of 100 billion pre-mined units that are being released periodically to the market for purchase. The reason for the concern is that with such a high amount, if too much is released it could cause the value of the coin to decrease exponentially. 

As it stands, the company behind Ripple, Ripple Labs Inc., is doing its best to assuage these doubts by executing different mechanisms, such as predictable releases. Ultimately, there is much to be said about it as a great investment asset and alternative monetary transfer system.


While this list is certainly not the end when it comes to cryptocurrencies that could emerge to become the top coins in the industry, we believe that they’re some of the more interesting ones. As an industry that is still evolving and expanding massively, it’s exciting to see what other coins pop up and how you can buy/mine them.

As they say, it’s better late than never, and it seems that it is never quite too late to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, it is better to come into this as an informed person who understands the necessary basics and its volatility to avoid any unexpected disappointments.