The Things You Can Do to Make the Claim Process Easier

You may be the most sincere citizen on the planet, someone who pays their taxes and obeys all the laws. But there is nothing to protect you from the carelessness or recklessness of others.

The Things You Can Do to Make the Claim Process Easier

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it is important to seek compensation for your losses. It isn’t fair that you have to suffer just because someone was inattentive or irresponsible.

Now there are ways to make your personal injury claim stronger. You need to do most of them after filing a claim. But the things you do immediately also have a role to play in your personal injury claim. This article talks about that.

Things to Do Before Filing a Claim

The immediate moments after an accident are really important when it comes to a personal injury claim. Most victims are overwhelmed following an accident, which is natural. But they miss out on some elements that are crucial to their claim. They are listed below.

    1. Immediate Medical Attention: Getting in touch with a medical professional after an accident is quite important. The injuries you’ve suffered in the accident (if any) will be treated, and you’ll also get a diagnosis for any hidden injuries. Visiting a hospital after an accident has two benefits that come in handy during a personal injury claim.

        a. The medical practitioner adds the injuries to your existing health records

        b. You get receipts for the amount you’ve spent on treatment or diagnosis

    2. Call the Police: Alert the police department immediately after your accident. They’ll send an officer who’ll arrive at the scene and conduct an investigation. Once their investigation is done, they’ll draft a police report, which is considered strong evidence by both the opposing party’s legal counsel and insurance company. 

    3. Gather Evidence: It is your responsibility to act fast and collect evidence after an accident. This will be of immense help during the claim process. The things included when talking about gathering evidence include:

        a. Taking pictures or recording videos of your injuries, damaged property, and current environmental conditions

        b. Collecting information about the at-fault party

        c. Talking with witnesses and getting their statements

    4. Hire a Lawyer: This is an important step that you cannot ignore. Consult a lawyer, presumably a local one. They’ll have expertise in the local laws and will be immensely helpful throughout the claim process.

Things to Do After Filing a Claim

You’ve successfully filed a claim. You’re past the most difficult part. The only thing left is to wait and tackle the moves of the insurance company and the legal representatives of the at-fault party.

The following section discusses the things you must do after filing a personal injury claim.

  1. Preserve Evidence: If you have collected any evidence, make sure to preserve it. Some victims tend to misplace important evidence. This will come back to hurt them as a lack of evidence leads to lower or no compensation.
  2. Stay Off Social Media: Regular social media activity during the recovery period can be detrimental to your personal injury claim. Stay off social media, or at least refrain from posting regularly.
  3. Practice Patience: Personal injury claims aren’t an overnight process. Be patient and trust the system. Stay updated with the happenings of the case and don’t lose hope.
  4. Be Wary of Insurance Adjusters: Once your claim is received, the insurance company will send insurance adjusters on a fact-finding mission. The adjuster will offer compensation that they think is right for your losses. This sum is not representative of your losses. They’ll try to convince you to accept the amount. Ignore the offers from the insurance adjusters, and ask them to contact your lawyer for any information.

Final Thoughts

Always trust your lawyer when it comes to a personal injury claim. They have your best interest in mind and will do what it takes for you to receive fair compensation.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, get in touch with a lawyer today to find out your options.