Can I Host A Website For Free?

Many people who start a website are considering purchasing hosting. Is it worth choosing free hosting and why is it not a good decision?

Can I Host A Website For Free?

Can I Host A Website For Free? 4 Reasons Not To Do It

When buying a domain it is not worth saving if you want to be sure that the website will always work well. That's why it's not worth using free hosting. The source of information is guide How To Choose Web Hosting?

Here are some important considerations when buying hosting for your website:

1. Restrictions and Limits

Free hosting has space limitations. This makes the page load very slowly and many people after entering it are impatient and turn off the page. So why is free hosting not a good option?

Because the site hangs up and thus loses viewers.

For this reason, it's not worth choosing free hosting for your website or blog, and it's better to pay for good hosting. It is very important when running a company website and presenting the company's services and goods.

2. Free hosting means a lot of advertising

A lot of people don't like ads and shut down a website when they see it. And free hostings come from companies that put even very large ads on their websites. This is how Internet users leave the website because they are upset. This is why free hosting is not worth choosing.

It is also affects the marketing and promotion of the company on the web, so it's better to buy good hosting.

3. Unable to add photos

Sounds incredible?

Unfortunately, this is true. Many free web hosts have very little disk space and you can not add photos to your website. And a site without photos doesn't have a lot of readers. That is why experts advise against websites created on free hosting - especially when it is, for example, a blog that really needs a lot of good quality photos. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to blog.

In addition, free hostings have many other disk limitations. Many people have noticed that sometimes, after adding a few posts, there are no more place for photos.

4. There is no technical support

Free hosting has no technical support. This is a big inconvenience because many people do not know how to operate a website. Sometimes something does not work, the page does not open - then it is not possible to ask for help. It is very hard.

Unfortunately, when hosting is free, no company provides technical support. As a result, your problem will not be solved.

Why is free hosting a bad solution?

Experts point out that free website hosting can only be chosen if you want to test your first blog or corporate website.

But on a daily basis, a free hosting server is not a good idea.

As indicated above, there are many limitations to free hosting that hinder the creation and development of a website. One of its biggest limitations is the very small amount of available disk space. Sometimes it is an insurmountable obstacle - e.g. when you have a blog. In such a situation, many free hosting sites do not allow you to add photos, and a blog without photos has no readers - so there is no point in writing it. In such a situation, it is better to pay for good hosting so as not to destroy the effects of hard work and not discourage readers from visiting blog.

You also have to remember that there is nothing for free on the Internet, which is why free hosting makes money from advertising. So it's not really free as there are a lot of ads on every page. There are a lot of them and they are tiring for the readers.

Why is paid hosting a better choice?

Very often, the ads are not consistent with the content of the blog - they are of random content. Sometimes the ads even show ... competition. It is difficult for the readers and the website owner, but there is nothing they can do about it, because in return for free hosting, they agree to advertising on their website.

So: is it worth choosing free hosting? Not! It's worth paying for really good hosting, technical support and the ability to run a website without a lot of advertising.

Paid hostings also give you an option scaling of hosting solutions - along with the development of your business.