Active Lifestyle Audio: Best headphones and earphones for sports and fitness enthusiasts

Having the correct audio equipment can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle. After all, who likes their headphones slipping or earphones popping out of the ear in the middle of a workout?

Active Lifestyle Audio: Best headphones and earphones for sports and fitness enthusiasts

We list out the best headphones and earphones meant for those who are sports or fitness enthusiasts. 

Features to look for headphones and earphones

When looking for a pair of new active lifestyle audio accessories, one should take into consideration features like IPX rating for water and sweating resistance, passive or active noise cancellation, long battery life, and rapid charging. Most importantly, look for earphones with a secure and comfortable fit. 

Wireless earphones and headphones are the ideal workout partners since they provide freedom of movement without the trouble of tangled cables. You can listen to music while working out, and their sweat-proof qualities provide durability even during intensive workouts. 

Must-buy headphones and earphones for sports

Here are some of the best headphones and earphones that you must buy for sports and fitness mentioned below.

Sony WH-CH520

The Sony WH-CH520 is an on-ear headset that sits gently on your ears and is portable enough thanks to its lightweight build quality. These Bluetooth headphones also come with a microphone so you can take calls where you are.

Philips TAA4216BK/00 

The Philips TAA4216BK/00 on-ear headphones are a great companion during workouts. Besides no wires to tangle, the built-in batteries are good enough to offer up to 35 hours of playback on a single charge. What’s more, a complete charge takes less than two hours. There’s even a quick charge function, where 15-minutes of charging can give you about two hours of playback. 

JBL Endurance Run 2

The JBL Endurance Run 2’s 8.2mm dynamic drivers promise great sound with powerful bass. It is great for training sessions and has an IPX5 rating to protect against damage from sweat and splashes. This flexible two-way earphone with FlipHookTM may be used in two different places as needed, in the ear or behind the ear for greater convenience. 

in base Urban GTM IB-1757 

The Inbase Urban GTM IB-1757 features a high-definition premium bass sound with great attention to detail. The in-ear design reduces ambient noise, and it offers a variety of functions to make listening more comfortable, easy, and pleasurable for you.

Choosing the best headphones or earbuds for sports and fitness depends on your needs. Over-ear headphones often provide a snug fit and excellent audio quality (such as auractive tech), although in-ear versions are smaller and feasible. The best option however is what offers great audio quality, comfortable fit, and durability at a reasonable budget.