How to Edit Videos using ChatGPT

 Artificial Intelligence has added more to the modern technology of the day, because of AI a lot of things has been made easier to do for us. Now, everyone of us can create anything on our smart gadgets using AI.

How to Edit Videos using ChatGPT

In this article we are going to discuss about how to edit your videos using ChatGPT, to make them more attractive and prfessional by using the simple and easy methods shared here.

How to Edit Videos using ChatGPT

Do you want to make use of ChatGPT in the best way to edit your videos? Then follow the given guide.

Use Visla ChatGPT Plugin to Edit your Videos

Follow the given steps to use Visla ChatGPT Plugin to edit your videos using this AI technology:

  1. On your device, open ChatGPT.
  2. Go to ChatGPT Settings and enable plugins.
  3. Now, click on the "No Plugins Installed" option.
  4. Then, select the Plugin Store option.
  5. Now, make a search for Visla Plugin and then click on Install.
  6. Tap the No Plugins Enabled option, then select the Visla Plugin.
  7. On ChatGPT enter your prompt, then click the Enter button.
  8. ChatGPT will respond to you when the video will get ready.
  9. Now, copy the Numeric Claim Code that is provided to you, and then click on "You can view it here" link.
  10. On the next page click on the Save to Edit button, then proceed by entering the claim code.
  11. Now, a video editor will be opened to tweak the video as you want.
  12. When the editing is done, click on the Export button to save your video.

And that's it, this is how you can edit your videos as professionals using ChatGPT.


Q: Can I edit my videos free using AI tools?

Ans: There are some tools that are free, and some tools are paid to edit the videos. To use all the features of any video editing AI tool you have to buy a subscription for that tool.

Q: Can I share my AI edited videos on social media?

Ans: Yes, you can use these AI edited videos to share on your social media accounts, but do care of the copyright rules and regulations.

So, this read was to help you know about how to edit your videos using ChatGPT AI by following the simple and easiest method shared for you.

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