Beyond Ordinary Seating: Choosing the Right Recliner for You

When picturing your ideal recliner, what comes to mind? Is a large, plush leather seat perfect for relaxing? One that matches your living room's style but rocks back and forth?

Beyond Ordinary Seating: Choosing the Right Recliner for You

Everyone desires a comfortable recliner to unwind in, but many wonder how to purchase one that is tailored to their needs. There are countless recliner options available at Furniture Stores in Perth. To pick the right one for your home, the buying process requires careful consideration. From upholstery to size and price, there are many factors to evaluate.

Size and Space

Look at the space you have in your room to accommodate your comfy piece of furniture. Recliners come in different sizes, from petite to oversized. Make sure to pick one that will fit comfortably without overcrowding the room. Also, check that the recliner will recline fully without hitting walls or blocking walkways when extended. 

Comfort Features

A good recliner should be built to provide extreme comfort to your body. Look for features like thick padded cushions, wide armrests, and a high back to fully support your body. The recline mechanism should operate smoothly and allow you to move at different angles. Test out the recliner in person so you can evaluate the comfort level. Many recliners now have additional features like storage compartments, swivel ability, massage, and heating for added relaxation.

Upholstery Material

Recliners come in a range of upholstery materials. Leather or faux leather are popular choices that are easy to clean and very durable. For a softer feel, fabrics like microfiber or cotton are great options. Make sure the material is high-quality so it retains its appearance even after regular use. The upholstery colour and pattern should coordinate well with your existing room décor.


There are lots of different styles of recliners available, from contemporary to traditional. Think about the overall style of your living room furnishings when selecting a recliner. Having a recliner that matches the same style will help the piece blend seamlessly into your décor. Some popular recliner styles include overstuffed bucket seats, rocker recliners, lift chairs, swivels, and power models. Select the style that appeals most to your tastes.

Easy Maintenance

Look for a recliner made with easy-care materials that won’t require a lot of maintenance. Fabrics that repel stains, are easy to wipe clean, or are machine washable are ideal for withstanding regular use. Also, check that the reclining mechanism is durable and designed for frequent reclining and sitting. Avoid recliners with complicated controls or electronics that could malfunction over time. An easy-use recliner will provide lasting enjoyment.

Quality Craftsmanship

While purchasing, examine the recliner carefully to check its quality and construction. Sturdy frames made from hardwood will last for years. Ensure that the cushions are tightly secured, the seams are reinforced, and the reclining mechanism offers stability. High-density foam will retain its shape and not get lumpy or saggy over time. 


Recliners usually come with a comprehensive warranty to cover materials and reliable mechanisms. Many reputable brands offer warranties that last several years, and you may also have the option to acquire extended warranties for extra protection. Having a robust warranty will give you peace of mind with your investment.

In a Nutshell

Attempting to find the perfect recliner sofa without clearly defined goals is like choosing the ideal vehicle without driving experience. Take the time to purchase a recliner that ensures it gets frequent use for years to come. These chairs are crafted to provide specific benefits, but they can only enhance your comfort if you know which features and design meet your needs. Keep the above factors in mind when beginning your purchase journey.