Calm Your Pre-Surgery Anxiety: 7 Proven Strategies

It's completely understandable to feel nervous when your surgery date approaches. Even if cosmetic surgery can restore your health or even save your life from further health problems, most people may experience anxiety about the unknown or what could happen during the surgery.

Calm Your Pre-Surgery Anxiety: 7 Proven Strategies

If those worries start to overwhelm you, just follow these tips to relax both your mind and body so you can tackle your upcoming operation with a sense of trust and calm.

Learn about the procedure

Knowledge is power when it comes to reducing surgical anxiety. Whether you consider breast reduction or tummy tuck, research your surgery thoroughly and familiarise yourself with each step of the procedure. Understanding exactly what will happen can minimise fear of the unknown. Ask your surgeon any questions you have.

Prepare logistically

Get your life organised for your recovery period. Cook and freeze meals, so you don't have to worry about meal preparation after surgery. Make arrangements for childcare or pet care so your loved ones are taken care of while you focus on healing. Do a deep clean of your home and set up a cosy spot with everything you'll need during the recovery period.

Talk to your doctor about medications

To alleviate worries about surgical pain, have in-depth discussions with your anesthesiologist and surgeon about the medications they will use to keep you comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. Know exactly what pain relief methods will be used to ensure there are no surprises when you go under the knife while significantly reducing anxiety.

Voice your concerns 

It might feel a little scary at first to open up about your worries, but it’s an entirely normal thing, so don’t be afraid to be upfront with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Talking about your anxieties with experts who regularly perform these operations can help put them in perspective. Even if you feel self-conscious about certain concerns, conversation can provide peace of mind as your surgeon provides better solutions. The more open up you are, the better your medical team can help alleviate your pre-op stress.

Avoid social media rabbit holes

It’s tempting to join online surgery groups, but too much time spent reading about others’ negative experiences can fuel anxiety unnecessarily. Consider restricting the time you spend on such forums and focusing on reputable healthcare websites for accurate and reliable information.

Lean on your support system  

Share your worries with close family and friends and ask them for extra care during this period. Having reliable individuals check in on your emotional well-being can provide a sense of comfort and stability during this period.

Practise relaxation techniques

Engaging yourself in breathing exercises and meditation is a valuable method of relaxing your mind and body when anxiety starts to take hold. In the weeks before cosmetic surgery, devote time each day to practise deep breathing, meditation, yoga, or whatever relaxation method works for you. Explore meditation apps available for your phone, which offer meditation sessions, relaxation exercises, and anxiety-reduction techniques to help soothe your pre-surgery nerves while keeping you calm in the hospital.

The Bottom Line

Feeling preoperative anxiety is a completely natural response. Proactively seeking support, getting yourself organised, engaging in self-care, and employing relaxation methods can all play a significant role in managing your anxiety. Remember that your medical team is there to support you, and it's essential to concentrate on the positive outcomes that you dreamed of. Be confident in yourself!