How can I convert text to voice online?

How good it is to listen to the written text in any charming voice hassle-free and invest your valuable time in any other activity. These AI platforms have provided several Text-to-voice AI generator tools and advanced options to create or edit content.

How can I convert text to voice online?

Furthermore, two types of conversions exist in the market: the one which cuts down the text and converts it into speech, and the other one cuts down the size and converts the whole text without trimming the content.

Conversion of text-to-voice online:

A variety of AI generators exist in the market to read text aloud to accomplish the needs or tasks of the market. Some of the converters are unpaid and some are paid. Quality and working capabilities vary from software to software. Most of them are user-friendly and meet the needs of the customer. These text-to-speech converters are used by visually disabled people. It helps them a lot as they can hear the speech and get an understanding of what is written. These platforms are used widely for specially-abled people. Therefore, the user interface is simple and easily handled mostly. Here is the list of some online converters:

1. On4t Text to Voice Converter Online

Text-to-speech converter by On4t is an efficient and advanced online AI Text-to-voice generator tool. It can access and edit traditional textual content to audio which is completely understandable and accurate for a person who wants to convert a textual file into an audio file. A user can edit the text in various ways with multiple options. This Text-to-audio converter has an easy-to-understand user interface. It can handle professional work with multiple languages and accents. This multitasker can create audiobooks as well which is very helpful for special people.

Some of the other well-known text to speech converter are as follow: 

- Veed.IO


- Natural Reader

- Balabolka

- WordTalk

- Panopreter Basic

2. Find a relevant converter

We have mentioned a few online text-to-speech converters above. I hope they are legitimate enough to help you with your research. Along with this, numerous other converters are doing tasks to find the relevant converter from the website or the list given above. Look out for the Text-to-voice converter tools and options they allow you. Based on this, opt for a Text-to-voice converter tool that relates to your specific needs and requirements. 

3. Upload content

Once you finalize the Text to Voice free tool then comes the conversion task (obviously to be done by Text to Voice free tool). For this, the content in textual form has to be uploaded on the relevant converter. Textual editing or trimming should be done right on point before converting into voice or speech.

4. Conversion

After uploading click audio from the menu to read the text aloud. Now, paste or type the text in the relevant bar and click add to project option. In a moment a user can see the file in the timeline. 

5.  Export

The converted file can be exported to the desktop or any other file if needed. In addition, editing can be done i.e., a user can adjust tone, language, speed, quality, rate, and accent according to their choice. Once it is done the file can be exported. 


A user doesn’t have to buy professional or paid software to read text aloud. Many online software is doing it for free. Some text-to-speech converters are mentioned above. Furthermore, step-by-step guidelines are mentioned as well. So, for conversions look into these AI platforms rather than the expensive ones.

Final Verdict: Out of many Text-to-voice converters online, On4t’s Text-to-Voice converter has made its place as the most reliable and legitimate online converter free Text-to-voice tool to convert any text into voice with just one click. We have compiled the list so you can explore multiple available options but if you rely on our suggestion then definitely it's the ultimate stop to your search.