Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wig

It might be harsh to say your wardrobe is incomplete with a frontal lace wig. However, everyone seems to own one these days, and the reason isn’t far-fetched–they give you one of the most natural hairlines of all wig types. Frontal lace wigs are also generally adorable and complement your looks almost perfectly.

Expert Tips on Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wig

This guide is all about Luvme Hair frontal lace wigs. You’ll understand what is a lace front wig, why you should consider them, and some tips to help you select the perfect unit.

Luvme Hair is a wig store reputed for its high-quality human hair wigs and accessories. It has them in different styles and textures and at some of the best market prices.

What is a Frontal Lace Wig?

A frontal lace wig is a type of lace wig with hair attached to a lace at the front, all the way down the crown. It also extends from one side of the hair to the other. A lace front wig is usually 13 inches across and 4 or 5 inches from the front to the crown.

Stylists hand-install the hair on this lace base to simulate natural hair growth. The rest of the wig cap is regular and has the hair strands machine sewn to it.

A lace front wig can be synthetic or human hair, but Luvme Hair’s units are 100% human hair. You get a natural look, feel, and movement. Frontal lace wigs and lace closures are arguably the most popular wig types in the market.

What are the Benefits Of Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wigs?

Here are some of the benefits of Luvme Hair’s lace front wigs.

1. It’s Breathable

The lace used in most frontal wigs is from soft and comfortable materials. It lets enough hair penetrate it, which prevents your scalp from sweating.

2. It’s Easy to Wear

Some Luvme Hair frontal lace wigs are glueless install. These glueless installs are usually pre-cut lace and would have their knots pre-bleached. All these features make them incredibly easy to wear and beginner-friendly.

3. It’s Natural-Looking

One of the most significant downsides of traditional wigs is that they look unnatural in the hairline area. Frontal lace wigs give you a natural-looking hairline because it’s designed to simulate natural hair growth.

4. Versatility in Styling

You can part a lace front wig anywhere across the front of the wig, which gives you versatility in styling. Luvme Hair lace front wigs are ready-made into top styles like bob, wigs with bangs, or layered cut wigs.

What are Some Tips on Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wigs?

What are Some Tips on Choosing the Right Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wigs?

1. Texture

The rule of thumb is to choose a texture that matches your natural hair. It will help ensure you get a unit that looks even more natural. Go for a curly texture if you have curly or coarse hair and a straight one if you have naturally straight hair.

2. Length

Consider your face shape during your selection. Short or medium-length frontal wigs work best for oval shapes, while average-length wigs will complement round or heart-shaped faces. Long wigs are best suited for long lengths.

3. Style

It's best to combine the right style and length to get the perfect look. For instance, adding a layered effect to your average-length wigs can enhance the look. Also, adding bangs if you have a long face helps shorten your face and make you look more beautiful.

4. Color

Here, it's also advisable you opt for a color that matches your natural hair or complements your skin tone. To simplify the process, go for warm shades if you have a warm skin tone and cool shades if you have a cool skin tone.

5. Lace Type

You're at liberty to choose between regular or HD Lace. The regular lace is the cheaper option, and although it's also realistic, it's not to a very great extent. HD Lace wigs address all the challenges of regular laces; they’re thinner, more natural, and more breathable. However, they’re also more expensive.

What are Some Luvme Hair Frontal Lace Wigs?

Here are some of Luvme Hair’s top-notch lace frontal wigs.

  1. Luvme Hair Pre-Pluck 180% Density Glueless 13x4 Frontal Lace Wig
  2. Luvme Hair Mature Boss Natural Black Pixie Cut 13x4 Frontal Lace C Part Short Wig
  3. Body Wave 13x4 Frontal Undectable HD Lace Glueless Long Wig
  4. Luvme Hair Mix Color Brown Curly Bob Wig Compact Frontal Lace Short Wig
  5. Layered Cut Soft Silky Straight Ear-to-ear Mid Part Glueless 13x4 Frontal Lace Wig

How to Install Your Luvme Hair’s Frontal Lace Wigs?

There are two installation methods for frontal lace wigs: glued and glueless. Glued install is when you use adhesives to attach the wig to your head, while in glueless install, you don't!

Here's how to install your lace front wig using both methods.

Glued Install

  1. Prepare your hair by making it into cornrows, slicking it back, or doing it into braids.
  2. Clean the hairline with a cotton soaked in alcohol to make the glue stick well.
  3. Wear a wig cap.
  4. Wear your lace front wig and cut off the excess lace with scissors. Skip this step if it's pre-cut.
  5. Apply the glue across the hairline of the wig, and use a blow-dryer to dry it and make it tacky. Press the lace down and ensure that it glues well.
  6. Remove the excess glue off the hairline or lace.
  7. Use a silk or satin scarf to tie the front of the wig. This step is necessary to ensure that the wig bonds more firmly.
  8. That's all with the installation. Style it however you want.


The glueless install method has almost the same steps as the glued install. Prepare your natural hair, clean your hairline, and wear a wig cap. However, rather than use glue, you use the combs, clips, and elastic bands that come with the wig to attach them to your head, and that's all there is to it.

The glueless install is simple and advised if you're a beginner who doesn’t want the complications that may arise from using a glued install.


Frontal lace wigs are a gem and can make you look like a queen if you wear them right. Selecting the right might be one of the best fashion decisions you made in years.

This guide is about choosing the correct frontal lace wigs from Luvme Hair. Consider the color, lace type, length, and style when selecting. You can try out some of the tips mentioned here on Luvme Hai’s website today!