What Is Winter Solstice? All About the Shortest Day of 2024

What Is Winter Solstice? All About the Shortest Day of 2024

With two solstices occurring every year, we witness the shortest day of the year on 21 of December and the longest day of the year on June 21st of the year, every year. This helps to decide the seasons like winter and summer. This winter, the Winter Solstice 2024 is on Tuesday, 21st of December 2024 (as usual), and today we can witness the shortest day of this year while the night will be the longest night of the year.

Not just the short day and long night, with Winter Solstice, people also start celebrating Christmas and also some starts to prepare for the New Year celebrations. As per the weather reports and authentic sources, in the southern hemisphere, people can feel the heat of summer and the peak times are starting today for countries like Australia and they will enjoy winter with the second solstice occurring in June. For all of the Asian countries such as India and Pakistan, the December solstice marks the winter at peaks and June solstice at peak of the summer. This is the beauty of nature.

Winter Solstice date and time:

Winter solstice 2024 in Northern Hemisphere was at 3:02 pm on Friday, 23 December

Social activists and the people who are attached with more than just celebrations also celebrate Global Orgasm Day on Winter Solstice day and they do it by keeping the World-Peace in mind.

What Solstice Literally Means?

The word solstice derived from Latin English and means the sun is standing still. This marks the shortest day of the year on the 21st of December each year.

List of Holidays During the Winter Solstice

Different countries, different holidays, and events. Here's is the list of holidays marked worldwide on the same day that marks the winter solstice every year:

  1. Alban Arthan (Welsh)
  2. Blue Christmas (holiday) (Western Christian)
  3. Brumalia (Ancient Rome)
  4. Dongzhi Festival (East Asia)
  5. Korochun (Slavic)
  6. Midwinter Day (Antarctica)
  7. Sanghamitta Day (Theravada Buddhism)
  8. Shalako (Zuni)
  9. Yaldā (Iran)
  10. Yule in the Northern Hemisphere (Neopagan)
  11. Ziemassvētki (ancient Latvia)

Is the Winter Solstice the Same Date Every Year?

Yes, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you can celebrate the Winter Solstice on 21 or 22nd of December every year and if you in the Southern Hemisphere, you can celebrate it on 20 or 21st of June every year.

Basically, the Winter Solstice happens on the same date every year, all you need to understand is your own location.

What Happens in the Winter Solstice?

In the Winter Solstice, we witness the shortest day of the year and also the longest night of the year. There's nothing special and this is just a natural event that occurs every year on the same dates and marks several events worldwide which include Christmas and more.

How Many Hours of Daylight Does the Winter Solstice Have?

If you ask us about how long is this year's winter solstice, we will give you this detailed answer:

Winter Solstice Life:

  • 7 Hours
  • 49 Minutes
  • 42 Seconds

In some areas of the world, it is about 8 hours, 48 minutes, and 38 seconds.

So, this is all about the Winter Solstice, what do you say? is there any other question you want to ask? do ask it in the comments.