From Zero to Hero - How to Boost Your Business's Social Presence

Since we’re living in a digital age, your business must have a strong social presence if you want to start making a decent profit. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are powerful tools for your business to connect with your customers and boost brand awareness.

From Zero to Hero - How to Boost Your Business's Social Presence

But it’s not always easy to gain followers and build a social presence online. If you’re a business owner who struggles to navigate the complexities of social media, then the tips in this article may help you. We’ve provided valuable strategies so you can improve your online presence. 

Use More Than One Social Media Platform

The top social media platforms are: 

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • X (formerly Twitter)  
  • YouTube 
  • LinkedIn

Consider using all of these social media platforms to promote your business and reach different demographics. Additionally, each social media platform supports various types of content formats, such as live streams or short videos. You can use these formats to create a wide variety of posts. 

Lastly, each social media platform gives you interesting insights and analytics into customer behavior. You can use this data to create marketing content that will attract buyers. 

Study Current Trends and Use Them to Your Advantage

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll always have other companies competing for your customers’ attention. The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to study current social media trends and use them to your advantage. 

When you understand current trends in your industry, you can connect with your customers on a more personal level. You also have the opportunity to provide marketing content using the latest design elements, such as augmented reality or GIFs on images. 

Using trends can boost your online presence, especially if it’s in the form of a challenge. For example, at some stage, everyone took part in the ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge. Taking part in these trends makes your content relatable and shareable. 

Be Active Regularly On All Your Feeds

Creating social media accounts is the easy part of your journey. But it takes a lot of time and dedication to gain a large following and keep your audience coming back for more. To achieve this, you must be active on all your social media feeds regularly. 

Don’t go a day without posting something online, whether it’s a meme, video, text post, or promotion. Try to respond to as many comments as you can under each of your posts. 

Encourage your followers to like, share, and subscribe to any of the channels you have, and consider running competitions to gain more followers. You can do this by asking your followers to tag people in your posts and follow your page to be eligible for an entry into your competition.

The more you engage and post online, the more the algorithms will boost your online visibility. A strong social presence means you can attract followers.  

Use the Right Social Media Tools 

Posting on all your social media platforms every day can be a time-consuming task. That’s why you’ll need the right tools to assist you. You can use Artlist for Enterprise to craft compelling content and market your creations online. 

Take a look at Artlist's Enterprise plan for entrepreneurs. The Business plan is ideal for marketing campaigns and creative teams that work on social media. You can also use automation tools where you can schedule posts for specific days and times. 

Keep Promoting Your Social Media Pages 

Another way to boost your social presence is to keep promoting all your pages through every marketing campaign you create. You should also embed your social media links onto your website so people can find your pages easily. 

Add your links onto business cards or consider using QR codes on merchandise that people can scan. You can also add social media handles to flyers, billboards, or video ads you create. Tell your customers to follow, subscribe, and share your pages whenever you get the chance. 

Final Thoughts 

It may seem like building an online presence is a difficult task. But with the right tools and strategies, you can boost brand awareness and gain a large following on each of your social media pages. 

Make sure that you create high-quality content and write compelling descriptions under each post. Use hashtags so your posts can appear in the feeds of people who might be interested in your content. By using the tips we’ve provided, you can surpass your competitors and become a powerhouse in your industry!