APKpure Acquired by Huya Inc. in $81 Million Deal with Tencent

Chinese live streaming giant Huya Inc. has acquired APKpure (a global app store for downloading free Apk files for games and other apps) for a whopping $81 million which Tencent bought from another internet company in 2021 in an undisclosed deal.

Huya in a move seen to strengthen its grip on the international gaming market just snapped the app store to reach further areas of the world of gaming.

APKpure Acquired by Huya Inc. in $81 Million Deal with Tencent
Image source: Benzinga

The $81 million deal marks a significant expansion for Huya, currently focused primarily on live streaming of video games. APKpure, known for its availability in regions with limited access to Google Play, boasts a diverse catalog of apps and games, attracting a user base beyond traditional app store giants.

Huya eyes several key objectives with the acquisition:

Here's a list:

  • Enhanced App Promotion and Distribution: APKpure's established user base and alternative app store status provide Huya with a direct channel to promote and distribute gaming apps, potentially attracting new viewers and streamers to its platform.
  • Synergy with NimoTV: Huya's overseas live streaming platform, NimoTV, could benefit from integration with APKpure's app discovery features, creating a seamless ecosystem for gamers and streamers alike.
  • Diversification Beyond Live Streaming: While live streaming currently dominates Huya's revenue, APKpure offers additional income streams through app store commissions and advertising initiatives.

The news of this Apk niche website being sold for $81 million was met with positive sentiment from investors, with Huya's stock price rising approximately 4%.

However, the sale aligns with Tencent's wider strategy of divesting non-core assets amidst tightening regulatory scrutiny on the gaming industry in China.

Both Tencent and Huya are adjusting their strategies to navigate the shifting market dynamics and regulatory framework.

The acquisition of APKpure marks a significant step for Huya in its quest to become a major player in the global gaming scene.

Still, its success hinges on the effective integration of the new app store and the potential it unlocks.