Hassle-Free Home Renovations: Top 12 Feng Shui Tips

You don’t necessarily have to invest a fortune to make your house a cozier and more functional space. By sticking to the recommendations in this guide, you will get a ready-to-go strategy for improving your home.

Hassle-Free Home Renovations: Top 12 Feng Shui Tips

With the help of home design apps like Live Home 3D, you will effortlessly experiment with implementing feng shui ideas and choose the best option.

1. Explore the Five Feng Shui Elements

First and foremost, the beauty of this concept isn’t only an aesthetical appeal. Take your time to find out what five Feng Shui elements (water, metal, earth, fire, and wood) represent. While the best design is the combination of these elements, you may increase the influence of some particular elements.

Wood represents transformation, energy and passion. Green color, rectangular shapes.

Fire: represents renewal and personal growth. Triangular shapes, red color.

Earth stands for comfort and safety. Square shapes, and yellow and orange colors.

Metal: intellectual abilities. It is represented by round objects of white and gray color.

Water is responsible for money and career. Wavy objects and black and blue colors are used to implement it.

2. Declutter Your Home

It is habitual for many to keep the things they like. However, you can easily forget about your possessions in the long run. Don’t let this turn your house into chaos. Instead of throwing them away, you can donate the stuff you no longer require to charity.

3. The Right Bed Location

The rule of thumb is to ensure your bed doesn’t touch walls at all and is approximately in the room’s central zone. On the other hand, don’t put it perpendicularly to the door or with a window behind the bed’s front. Use mirrors to correlate the bed position if following all the rules is problematic.

4. The Quality of Energy

It is better to avoid placing massive objects, including slides and cabinets, near windows and doors. Overall, if possible, try to reorganize your space with pieces of furniture with neat silhouettes and without cumbersome elements.

5. More Light and Air

This tip is typically for numerous modern interior designs, and the feng shui lifestyle isn’t an exception. Let more positive energy flood your space.

6. Add More Greenery

Another great suggestion is to diversify your space’s decor both functionally and aesthetically. With plants like chrysanthemums, orchids, etc., you will bring more coziness and positive vibes to any room. Opt for flowers that require more water.

7. More Mirrors

Not only will you be able to make a small room look bigger than it is, but you will also introduce more light and air to the space with this little trick. Don’t hesitate to play with mirror sizes and choose a few to personalize the interior design overall.

8. Directly to the Front Door

It is crucial to keep the space leading to the front door as decluttered as possible. There should be no boundaries on the way — you can always find a better place for a vase or a wardrobe for outerwear and shoes.

9. Don’t Keep Things Broken

What can be repaired should be fixed, and what’s not — thrown out. According to feng shui principles, such items will just dry out your space of positive energy and won’t bring you good luck.

Check hidden areas to see whether there are items you had no idea lived there — like objects under your bed. Altogether, such things can attract bad luck and challenges to your life.

10. Get Rid of Negative Symbolism

Although you might rarely think about what memories are associated with these or those keepsakes you tend to store at home habitually, it is better to take your time and analyze them in more detail. Keeping items that bring bad memories and associations with certain events will easily overwhelm your mind. Decluttering does make things better.

11. Implement a Source of Water in Interior Design

It might be out of your budget to buy a huge aquarium or fountain, but there are numerous affordable options to consider. Such items can bring new hobbies into your life and pour more positive vibes into your leisure time at home.

One of the nicest places to install this type of construction is outside of the main entrance. You can also transform the near-the-entry zone into a gorgeous focal point of the interior design project.

12. Ensure Windows and In-Room Things Are Clean

Last but not least to complete your home renovation, don’t let dust and dirt accumulate in hidden spaces around the room. Even if sofas, cabinets, and so on have hard-to-reach parts, it is better to take care of them properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the feng shui harmony. 

Consider regular wet cleaning — good for mental health and relaxation as well. Just switch on your favorite playlist and go on.

Pro tip!

After all of this, you may need to note down the expenses and choose items according to your budget, and when you are doing it within a budget, you should use an estimating software to help you do it accordingly. So, try using a budget estimation software to plan home renovations at a pocket-friendly terms.

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