How to Connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 Computer

If you are doing an online business or work on computer, you need to be on your computer most of the time. And to connect with your partners you need to head to your phone again and again. Technology allows you to connect your iPhone and Windows 11 computer for your ease.

How to Connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 Computer

In this article, we are going to discuss about how to connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 computer, by following the easy and simple steps, and make your time worthing.

How to Connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 Computer

Phone Link makes the connecting of your iPhone to Windows 11 computer easier for you. Follow the given guide to do so.

Use your iPhone with Computer

Follow the given steps to use your iPhone with Windows 11 computer, with the help of Phone Link feature:

  1. From your task bar, go to Search box, and search for Phone Link.
  2. Now, click on Open from there.
  3. Next, click on iPhone.
  4. Scan the QR code with your phone, shown up on your computer.
  5. From your phone, click Pair your device.
  6. Tap on Open.
  7. Now, tap on Link to Windows.
  8. Tap on GET and open the app when installed.
  9. Now, tap on Scan QR Code.
  10. Tap on OK.
  11. Now, tap on Continue.
  12. Then, tap on OKNotice the code displayed on your computer and tap on Pair.
  13. Tap on Pair, also on your phone.
  14. Now, click on Allow.
  15. Then, click the Done button.
  16. To share usage data tap on Accept, and to keep your data secured tap the Decline option.
  17. Go to Settings and click Bluetooth.
  18. From the list of Bluetooth connections, tap on your Windows computer.
  19. Turn the toggle On for Show Notifications, and for Sync Contacts.
  20. On your computer, click Continue.
  21. Tap Continue again.
  22. Now, your phone and computer are linked between, you can make and manage calls and messages from your computer.
  23. All of your messaging and caaling will turn to your computer from your iPhone, view your phone notifications by clicking >.
  24. You can see your iPhone notifications from Menu.

And that's it, you have done it easily.


Q: Can iPhone be connected to windows 11 PC?

Ans: Yes, you can connect your iPhone to windows 11 PC and make and manage your calls and messages from your computer while working on it.

Q: From where I can connect iPhone to my windows computer?

Ans: Go to the Phone Link feature on your computer to connect your iPhone to your PC, follow the complete procedure from the above read.

So, this read was to help you know about how to connect your iPhone to your windows 11 PC following the simple and easy method.

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