How to Get Better Connection for Online Gaming

Over 150 million Americans play games on some sort of gaming device, whether it’s a mobile phone or a PlayStation. However, one thing that is a problem for them is not having a solid internet connection.

Because when you are playing a game, and the internet slows down in between, nothing is more frustrating than that. Gamers generally need an internet connection that has lower latency so that there are no lags while gaming.

How to Get Better Connection for Online Gaming
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Playing games online is a trend and because of the increasing demand, many people have started getting high-speed internet services. If you don’t have one then nothing to fret about as you can get one right away with Xfinity. With its blazing-fast speeds and seamless connectivity lag-demons and low-latency will be a thing of the past. For more information, you can contact the Xfinity customer service team to sign up for the plan of your choice today.

However, things go wrong when people get internet services without doing any research. They just randomly pick an internet plan that seems nice and pocket-friendly and regret it later. Gamers get frustrated when they face issues like high latency and lag while playing games. 

For instance, imagine you are streaming Netflix and watching your favorite show, which you never miss, and your internet stops working. You like to watch your show in HD quality, and now you are watching in SD quality. How would you feel about it? It’ll hurt when you face the buffering wheel endlessly. Gamers go through the same frustration when they face issues regarding the internet speed, and due to high latency, they are unable to enjoy their gaming experience.

In this article, we are going to discuss what things you should check while getting an internet service that is compatible with your gaming consoles and works smoothly even when you use multiple gaming devices at one time.

Internet Speed and Bandwidth 

If you want to play online games, the internet speed and bandwidth matter the most. You don’t need to get an internet plan that comes with the fastest download and upload speed offered by an internet service provider. It all depends on your usage. 

However, many people think that it’s just the download speed that matters, but that is not the case. Upload speed plays a vital role while gaming, too. If your upload speed isn’t good while playing First-Person Shooter games, you might fire shots, but they may be missed because of the late delivery and that happens when you have poor upload speed.

Another thing: If multiple users in your house use the internet a lot and you spend most of your time gaming, then you’ll need to get blazing-fast internet speed. It is also true that streaming online, working from home, and video conferencing at the same time can affect your bandwidth. Such activities are data-consuming and can affect your speed as well. 

Using multiple devices at the same time can reduce your internet speed so make sure that while playing games, try not to do other internet-based activities. Close those applications that consume data and, you’ll see the difference in speed yourself.

Internet Connection 

You need to make sure that the connection through which you get internet services is the latest and reliable, and offers good download and upload speeds consistently. 

For gamers, cable and Orange fiber optic connections are more or less perfect. If you get services via a DSL or satellite internet connection and you think that you can do gaming like a pro, then that’s not going to happen as they aren’t that reliable.

With multiple options at your disposal, you can pick the one that you think will be perfect for you and will suit your budget as well.

Low Latency

Try to aim for low latency. 

Network latency is how long it usually takes the data to travel from the source to its destination. The higher the latency, the more lag you will face while doing online gaming. 

For instance, if you are playing a football game like FIFA, and you pass the ball to another player, but due to high latency, some player from the opposing team takes the ball from you in that period, it will leave you frustrated and confused about what just happened. This happens when you face high latency. 

Aim for better performance, and to make that happen, do everything you can to make sure that you get the best speeds. Using an Ethernet cable will help a lot as the speeds will be delivered directly to your devices and won’t be shared among other devices. By increasing the bandwidth, you will face less lag.

Use Compatible Equipment

Many people prefer using their own modem/router to save the rental fee of equipment charged by the internet service provider. 

When you first get your internet services installed, try to get the modem and the router offered by the internet service provider as they offer compatible equipment to make sure that the customer gets consistently the same speed. 

When you use your own equipment, you may face compatibility issues and won’t get the actual speeds delivered to you by the company. If you don’t want to use the company’s equipment, before getting your own, reach out to the customer support of your internet service provider and ask about the modem and router model that will be compatible with the internet connection to the game without lag.

Summing It Up

If you are an avid gamer, you surely don’t want to face any issues regarding the internet speeds while you are playing the game online as you would already know the importance of real-time actions and reflexes in online gaming. 

Make sure you go through all the aforementioned points since the objective of all this is to eliminate lag and increase speed while gaming.