Oliver Mulherin, Who is He? Net Worth, Biography, Wiki and More!

Oliver Mulherin, a prominent figure in the tech world, has recently gained attention not only for his significant contributions as a software engineer in various tech companies but also for his marriage to the well-known gay CEO, Sam Altman.

Oliver Mulherin, Who is He? Net Worth, Biography, Wiki and More!
Oliver Mulherin and Sam Altman while Getting Married

Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is celebrated for introducing ChatGPT and revolutionizing the world of artificial intelligence for the rest of the decades to come.

Here's everything you need to know about Oliver Mulherin:

Oliver Mulherin Biography

Here's everything you may need to know about Oliver Mulherin:

Fact Details
Real Name Oliver Mulherin
Nickname Ollie
Profession Software Engineer
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1993
Age (As of 2024) 30 Years Old
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Current Residence San Francisco
Ethnicity Australian
Nationality Australian
Educational Background Bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Melbourne.
John Monash Science School in Melbourne.
Contact Number Phone Number Not Available
Address San Francisco and another ranch in Napa, California
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Body Measurements 36-34-33 inches
Shoe size 9 [US]
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Family Parents: Yes, Mother and Father's names are not known.
Siblings: Brother and Sister's names not known.
Marital Status Married to Sam Altman
Children Not Known
Affairs and Dating Sam Altman
Career Various Tech Jobs
Social Media Active

So, now some more details about Who is Oliver Mulherin:

Early Life and Education

Born in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia, Oliver Mulherin exhibited an early passion for technology that would shape his future endeavors.

Raised in Melbourne, he attended the prestigious John Monash Science School before pursuing a Bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Melbourne.

Mulherin's educational journey laid the foundation for his subsequent impactful career in the tech industry like working for Meta and more tech giants.

Net Worth and Achievements

Oliver Mulherin, with a net worth of $10 million in 2024, has already carved a niche for himself in the tech industry.

His notable work as a software engineer, particularly at Meta, has contributed to the success that we can see today.

Despite the spotlight on his personal life due to his marriage to Sam Altman who is a top gay CEO of a top tech startup OpenAI, Mulherin continues to focus on his professional endeavors and remains an active presence on social media such as LinkedIn and others. However, we were unable to find his verified Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X profiles.

Marriage and Personal Life

In a noteworthy turn of events, Oliver Mulherin's personal life became a subject of public interest when he tied the knot with Sam Altman, the renowned CEO of OpenAI making Sam Altman the wife of Oliver Mulherin.

The couple exchanged vows in a private ceremony at their $43 million Hawaii estate in traditional Jewish style, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the region. The union not only captured media attention but also symbolized a celebration of love and commitment in the tech world.


The picturesque Napa Valley served as the backdrop for the couple's dating period, offering a serene retreat away from the bustling tech hubs of their jobs. Their relationship blossomed amid vineyards and rolling hills, providing a balance between Mulherin's demanding career and their shared passion for innovation and progress.

Career Milestones

Oliver Mulherin's journey through the tech industry has been marked by significant contributions and diverse experiences.

His professional career took off with an internship at Vital-Sim in Calgary, Canada, where he honed his skills as a software developer. From there, Mulherin ventured into co-founding PROPL in Melbourne, Australia, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Subsequently, he took on roles as a Software Developer at the IOTA Foundation in Melbourne and later as a Software Engineer at SPARK Neuro. His tenure at Broadwing in the Greater New York City Area further enriched his skill set.

However, it was at Meta, where Mulherin served as a Software Engineer, that he truly made his mark, contributing to the technological landscape in Menlo Park, California.

Some FAQs:

Here's a list of answers to what people have been looking for:

Who did Sam Altman marry?

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman got married to a long-time boyfriend Oliver Mulherin and became his wife. The couple got married in front of a beach in Hawaii (probably their ranch) in an intimate wedding ceremony where only a few people joined in to celebrate their happy moments.

Is Oliver Mulherin also a gay like Sam Altman?

No, Oliver Mulherin is a male and interested in being with gays as he recently tied the knot with Sam Altman being a husband to a gay CEO.

Can Oliver Mulherin and Sam Altman have Kids?

Absolutely: Sam Altman showed his desire to have kids with Oliver Mulherin after they get married and chances are they might be doing their best to have kids together.

Keep an on this article as we will keep it updated with the latest information as we receive it.

Sam Altman with Oliver Mulherin
Photo Credits: NBC News

Oliver Mulherin with Sam Altman
Picture Credits: New York Daily News

A Legacy Unfolding

As Oliver Mulherin continues to navigate the dynamic tech industry, his legacy expands beyond his professional achievements.

The marriage with Sam Altman not only showcases a personal commitment but also symbolizes a progressive stance within the tech community.

With a diverse and impactful career, Oliver Mulherin remains an inspiring figure for aspiring individuals in the technology sector, exemplifying the harmonious integration of personal and professional pursuits.