Top Six Recent Advancements in AI Image Creation Tools

AI image-creation tools have become a part of everyday life for individuals and businesses alike. These tools have become ideal partners for creative people to cut their production time in half and reduce costs along the process.

Top Six Recent Advancements in AI Image Creation Tools

With the advancement in technology, AI tools are also becoming more advanced every day. People are realizing the need for AI in the modern world of creativity. They want to learn more about the recent advancements in AI and how it can determine their creative processes.

If you want to learn more about the recent advancements of AI, here is a guide you can trust.

1. Text to Vector

When people are looking for an ideal AI generator, they often want to understand the differences between Adobe Firefly and midjourney to see which tool can be better for the creation of editable vectors. Vector Recoloring is an Adobe Firefly feature tailor-made for designers that sets it apart from competing tools.

You can use free ai text to image generator to create editable vectors. The editability of these tools makes them loved by all creative professionals. They can create a perfect balance between their creativity and the tools to make their masterpieces stand out.

2. Text to Brush

As an artist, no canvas or sets of brushes can seem enough to make creative masterpieces. If you are not settled with the type of brushes you have, do not feel unsettled. AI generators can grant you the power you need to create your custom brushes.

You can use text prompts to create custom brushes using AI tools. These custom brush sizes can help you achieve your full potential and be satisfied with your own creativity instead of being settled with only what you have.

3. Sketch to Image

Every graphic artist can agree that they may doodle something on paper at times and feel very proud of their creative abilities. Just because you have created something on paper does not mean that you will have to start over again on your screen or lose all your hard work.

AI tools can help you turn your handmade sketches into masterpieces. Since the vectors and images you create are editable, you can resume your work after you turn them into images and explore the extent of your creativity.

4. Text to Template

If you feel tired of the generic templates, you are not alone. Many people have been in a similar position and want to add some creativity to their lives. AI can be a great companion for someone trying to create new templates.

You can simply create new templates by using AI generators. Use text prompts to describe what type of templates you want to create. These templates also may be editable so that you can mold them according to your creative needs and preferences.

5. Extend Images

Many people have had the experience of cropping out unnecessary details from their images. However, not many wonder what the opposite of it may look or feel like. AI image creation tools can help you practice full control over the aspects of your images.

You can get personalized results from the AI generators by training them according to your preferences. Changing the aspects of an image can help you change its impact and perception.

6. Generate from 3D

Once you train your AI generator to create results from training, you can also generate images from 3D elements. All you must do is provide instructions to the AI model through text prompts and let it handle the rest.

Turning 3D files into other mediums of expression can help you unlock a whole new world of possibilities.