Why Large-Scale Automatic Biometric Identification System is Valuable for Public/Numerous Users

Biometrics is a suitable means of identifying and authenticating people in a fast and reliable way via unique biological traits. ABIS solutions for governments and enterprises are vital elements of many large-scale information technology systems used in law enforcement and border control.

Why Large-Scale Automatic Biometric Identification System is Valuable for Public/Numerous Users

Biometric systems have advanced significantly in recent years. Software and hardware developments mean that biometric modalities can be enrolled at higher quantity and quality more efficiently and securely.

Numerous studies have demonstrated lower error rates for biometric modalities, especially iris recognition, facial recognition, and fingerprinting. Read on to discover why large-scale automatic biometric identification systems are valuable for public/numerous use.

User Management and Customization for Project Requirements

High-quality ABIS solutions for public/numerous use provide role-based access control. They offer the possibility to outline custom user roles from finer-grained permissions. These solutions use the 0Auth 2.0 protocol and can be easily integrated with already existing authentication systems.

When it comes to customization for project requirements, ABIS solutions for public/numerous users have customizable components that can be customized to meet certain project requirements.

Stats and Report Generation

Large-scale automatic biometric identification systems deliver a system performance with deeper understanding. It helps identify areas that need improvement while enhancing the overall efficiency.

Identity Records Management

ABIS solutions involve many identity records. These records include registration, deletion, and update procedures. ABIS identity management functionalities can be easily improved by combining the system with other solutions like IDMS. The combination results in a single unified system.


An ABIS solution from a leading provider allows for biometric identity enrollment using iris scanners, cameras, and palmprint/fingerprint readers (over 120 models supported. Enrollment functionalities can be expanded by combining ABIS with IDRS.

Criminal Investigation and Adjudication

The ABIS solution can be aligned with law enforcement applications. It can deliver excellent services when combined with the Criminal IDRS and Criminal Investigation solutions to expand functionality further.

The adjudication process resolves anomalous and complex matching cases by forwarding the cases to the human operators or using automatic rulesets. The human operators will use a specialized visual tool to review the cases.

Data Quality Assessment and Fraud Prevention

A high-end ABIS solution performs automated quality checks on any biometric data captured and stored. These quality checks can help identify misalignments and correct biometric records with errors. The solution evaluates the data quality compliance with organizations like ICAO to ensure it meets requirements.

In terms of fraud prevention, the system helps detect anomalies and any inconsistencies in biometric records. As it does so, it identifies users with multiple identities and avoids biometric data fraudulent use.

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