200+ Cricket Team Names for Every Format

From the first day of cricket in 1611 in England to today, this sport become an emotion for millions of people in more than 90 countries where cricket is being played as a professional game.

Almost every student loves to play it and dreams about one day when he or she will be able to lead a cricket team as a captain.

200+ Cricket Team Names for Every Format

So, they go for a cricket team names search and pick a name that would be their only brand for calling the team members. However, picking a cricket team name is not an easy task. Sometimes cricket fans find it hard to pick a unique and memorable name.

For that reason, to help them pick a perfect name, I am here to share 200+ cricket team names that are best for every game format whether it is a test match team name, a T20 match, or a one day match team, you will be able to find your own catchy name here, so let’s check the lists here:

Cricket Team Names for Every Format

Before going for other lists, check these cricket names based on different formats of cricket:

Test Cricket Team Names

  1. Gritting Wickets
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Flaming Spheres
  4. Roaring Lions
  5. Wallflowers
  6. Thunderbolts
  7. Desert Cobras
  8. Whistle Boys
  9. Ocean Mavericks
  10. Phoenix XI
  11. Steel Titans
  12. Emerald Eagles
  13. Dragonslayers
  14. Night Watchmen
  15. Hurricane Hunters
  16. Silent Strikers
  17. Himalayan Hawks
  18. Outback Wranglers
  19. Island Stallions
  20. Rising Stars
  21. Champions of the Wicket
  22. Phoenix Flyers
  23. Spin Weavers
  24. Colosseum Crusaders
  25. Crimson Cobras
  26. Thunder Down Under

T20 Cricket Team Names

  1. City Smashers
  2. Lightning Bolts
  3. Night Hawks
  4. Renegades
  5. Steel Sharks
  6. Sky Strikers
  7. Wild Warriors
  8. Metro Mayhem
  9. Roaring Renegades
  10. Hurricane Hitters
  11. Eleven Roarers
  12. Desert Dervishes
  13. Jungle Jaguars
  14. Blazing Blades
  15. Coastal Crushers
  16. The Air Speed
  17. Island Invincibles
  18. Mountain Mavericks
  19. The Super League Players
  20. City Slickers
  21. Flaming Arrows
  22. Ninja Strikers
  23. Cosmic Chargers
  24. Renegade Roosters
  25. Steel Falcons
  26. Midnight Maniacs
  27. Thunder Dragons
  28. Island Blasters

One Day Cricket Team Names

  1. Wicket Warriors
  2. Boundary Beasts
  3. The Run Machine
  4. The Swing Kings
  5. Lions of Pitch
  6. The Pitch Invaders
  7. The No Boundaries
  8. Green Machines
  9. The Desert Diamonds
  10. The Island Maulers
  11. The Daylight Dominators
  12. City Eleven Team
  13. The Chameleons
  14. The Stalwart Strikers
  15. Day Suns
  16. The Mystery Spinners
  17. The Runway Rampagers
  18. Stadium Slayers
  19. The Colossus Conquerors
  20. The River Rapids
  21. The Jungle Juggernauts
  22. The Mountain Monarchs
  23. The Scarlet Strikers
  24. The Armor Plating
  25. Night Riders
  26. The Typhoon Twisters
  27. The Oceanic Onslaught
  28. The Solar Scorchers
  29. Soul Breakers

So, these were the best cricket team names for all three formats for boys, and here's a list for girls too:

Cricket Team Names for Girls

Women's cricket is also a thing and is already an international sport. Here's a list of some really amazing cricket team names for female cricket players:

  1. Shining Roses
  2. Pink Panthers
  3. Howling Wickets
  4. Glitter Warriors
  5. Boundary Breakers
  6. Mongoose Mafia
  7. Duck Dodgers
  8. Calypso Queens
  9. No Drama Llamas
  10. Wildflowers in Bloom
  11. Ladybugs
  12. Phoenix Feathers
  13. Hurricane Hearts
  14. Scarlet Sirens
  15. Night Diamonds
  16. Cosmic Catchers
  17. Spin Specialists
  18. Wildcats
  19. She-Shields
  20. Thunderbirds
  21. Island Jewels
  22. Ninja Chicks
  23. Blazing Blades
  24. Mountain Mavericks
  25. Pink Piranhas
  26. Roaring Roses
  27. Silent Slayers
  28. Typhoon Twisters
  29. Rocket Ryders
  30. Lionhearted Ladies
  31. Bowling Belles
  32. Wham Bam Whackers
  33. Unicorn Strikers
  34. Purple Reign
  35. Lucky Ladybugs
  36. Chameleons

So, what's your favorite cricket team? before you pick one, let's read more:

Funny Cricket Team Names

Check these really funny cricket team names for your fun games and last-minute cricket game ideas:

  1. Yogi Yorkers
  2. Bailsmen Bandits
  3. Crease Critters
  4. Duckworth-Lewis Disasters
  5. Doosra Doodlers
  6. Wicket Keepers Who Can't Keep
  7. Short and Wide Wanderers
  8. The Yorkers Are Coming
  9. Padded Up Pandas
  10. Run Out Renegades
  11. Armchair Umpires
  12. Midwicket Muddleheads
  13. Nervous Nineties
  14. Copycat Catches
  15. DRS Deniers
  16. Follow-On Fallacy
  17. Square-Leg Sweepers
  18. LBW Legends
  19. Commentary Critics
  20. No DRS, No Cry
  21. The Lunch Bunch
  22. Tea Time Tipplers
  23. We Came, We Saw, We Got Bowled Out
  24. Duckworth Lewis Defenders
  25. Follow-On Fanatics
  26. Third-Man Misfielders
  27. Rain Delay Ramblers
  28. DRS Drama Queens
  29. Nervous Nightwatchmen
  30. Snack-Stealing Slips
  31. Full Toss Floppers
  32. Bunny Bashers
  33. Umpire's Uncles
  34. Pitch Invaders
  35. Commentary Copycats

Location Based Cricket Team Names

Check out some regional cricket team names (location-based) to pick an interesting team name:


  1. Outback Marauders
  2. Harbour Hurricanes
  3. Golden Coast Gladiators
  4. Ayers Rock Blasters
  5. Great Barrier Reef Rollers
  6. Tasmanian Twisters (Windy island)
  7. Kimberley Kings (Remote northwest region)
  8. Uluru Scorchers (Another name referencing Ayers Rock)
  9. Outback Outlaws (Bold name for the interior)
  10. Southern Stars (Classic nickname for the Australian team)


  1. Mumbai Maulers
  2. Himalayan Hitters
  3. Ganges Gallopers
  4. Thar Desert Daredevils
  5. Kerala Kings
  6. Delhi Dynamos (Fast-paced for the capital)
  7. Navi Nighters
  8. Deccan Dragons (Mythical creatures for the south)
  9. The IPL Lovers
  10. Goa Galleons (For a coastal state with a historical reference)
  11. Chak De India
  12. Punjab Paltans (Warriors for a northern state)
  13. Monsoonal Maniacs (Unpredictable like monsoon rains)
  14. New Kingmakers


  1. Indus Invincibles
  2. Just Karachi Kings
  3. Rawalpindi Roaring Riders
  4. Khyber Khan Knights
  5. Mohenjo-daro Mavericks
  6. Lahore Lions (For the historical and cultural city)
  7. The PSL Players
  8. Peshawar Panthers (Powerful animal for a northwest city)
  9. The KP Kings
  10. Sindh Sultans (Royalty for a southern province)
  11. Himalayan Hawks (For the mountainous north)
  12. Desi Kalakars
  13. Indus Valley Invaders (Unique name referencing ancient civilization)
  14. The Punjab Warriors


  1. Lords Lions
  2. Thames Tide
  3. Yorkshire Yeomen
  4. Lake District Lancers
  5. Stonehenge Smashers
  6. Birmingham Brummies (Informal nickname for Birmingham residents)
  7. Manchester Maulers (Strong name for a northern city)
  8. Peak District Prowlers (For a scenic national park)
  9. Chester United
  10. Thames Roars
  11. Cotswolds Crusaders (For a picturesque region)
  12. English Eagles (Classic name referencing the national bird)

South Africa:

  1. Cape Cobras
  2. Durban Dervishes (Spin bowlers for a coastal city)
  3. Kruger Kings (National park and animal reference)
  4. Johannesburg Jaguars (Big cat and major city)
  5. Drakensberg Dragons (Mythical creature for the mountain range)
  6. The African Pandas
  7. Stellenbosch Stallions (For a wine-producing region)
  8. Bloemfontein Blitz (Fast-paced for a central city)
  9. The South Stars
  10. Garden Route Gladiators (Scenic coastal region)
  11. Highveld Hitters (For the high plateau)
  12. Proteas (National flower and current nickname for the South African team)

New Zealand:

  1. Southern Storm
  2. Fjordland Falcons (Bird and scenic region)
  3. All Blacks (Classic nickname for the New Zealand national rugby team, adaptable for cricket)
  4. The Ocean Makers
  5. Kiwi Crusaders (National bird and fighting spirit)
  6. Southern Alps Slayers (Mountain range)
  7. Auckland Aces (For the major city)
  8. Wellington Wind (For the windy capital)
  9. Canterbury Cannons (For a southeastern region)
  10. The Zea Cricketers
  11. Otago Ovalbreakers (For a southern region and a bowling reference)
  12. White Ferns (Current nickname for the New Zealand women's cricket team)
  13. The Speeders

Sri Lanka:

  1. Emerald Eagles
  2. Kandyan Kings (For a historical kingdom)
  3. Pearl Island Panthers (For the island nation and a powerful animal)
  4. King Sri Team
  5. Galle Gladiators (For a historic coastal city)
  6. Sinharaja Strikers (National rainforest and a forceful image)
  7. The Lankan Stars
  8. Colombo Cobras (For the capital city)
  9. Hill Country Hitters (For the central mountains)
  10. Jaffna Jaguars (For a northern city)
  11. Dambulla Dashers (For a city known for cave temples)
  12. Elephant Elevens (National animal and a team number reference)
  13. The Lanka Members

West Indies:

  1. Caribbean Crusaders
  2. Reggae Rascals (Playful name with a musical reference)
  3. Island Invincibles
  4. Port of Spain Pirates (For the capital city)
  5. Calypso Kings (For a musical genre associated with the region)
  6. Windies Warriors (Current nickname for the West Indies team)
  7. Marlin Maniacs (For a fish and an energetic image)
  8. Beach Blizers (For the beautiful beaches)
  9. Hurricane Hitters (Powerful name referencing a natural phenomenon)
  10. Volcano Vikings (Unique name combining a geographical feature and a historical warrior)


  1. Ganges Gators (For the river and a powerful reptile)
  2. Sundarbans Slayers (For a mangrove forest and a dominant image)
  3. Chittagong Challengers (For a southeastern port city)
  4. Cox's Bazar Blitzkrieg (For a beach resort town and a swift attack)
  5. Everest Eagles (For the mountain peak bordering the country)
  6. Roaring Roosters (Energetic name with a bird reference)
  7. Bengal Blades (Sharp bowling attack for the region)

Other Top Cricket Countries:

  1. Afghanistan: Spin Kings, Fast Hunters, Fire Fighters
  2. Zimbabwe: Mashonaland Mashers, The Lost Riders, Roaring Legends
  3. Ireland: Emerald Isle Invincibles, The Hitters, Eleven Eagles
  4. Scotland: Highland Hitters, The Scot Kings, Land Masters
  5. Netherlands: Dutch Dynamos, The Dutch Knights, The Pure Lions

So, these were some really good and memorable team names for cricket matches that you can arrange independently or by asking a local cricket club.

Stay with us to see more cricket team names as I will be publishing more lists like this in coming days. Have a good day at your nearest cricket stadium.