Google reports Apple is going to adopt RCS in Fall of this year

 The time came for what Apple said in November 2023 "later next year", with their new model of iPhone series, they informed last year to adapt RCS in upcoming iOS 17 and 18 update.

Google reports Apple is going to adopt RCS in Fall of this year
Now the time is here to enjoy the benefits of RCS on iPhone, that include high-res photo/videos, typing indicators, a better group chat experience, Google has also reported that animated emoji reactions are "Coming soon with RCS".

It has been said that:

"Apple has announced it will be adopting RCS in the fall of 2024. Once that happens, it will mean a better messaging experience for everyone."

With many other changes and deals between Apple and Google, that have been making people surprized, this news is also surprising for the users, both for the iOS and Android users.

In Short:

  • Apple is going to adapt RCS in fall of this year that they have reported about in the month of November 2023.
  • With RCS people are going to enjoy more and more features between Android and iPhone's messaging.

As much it is surprising for the people that Google and Apple are getting on the same pages, as musch it's  bringing more and more interesting and supportive features for the users.