"Jobs Now!" Al Sharpton Demands Action on Black Unemployment Crisis

While the rest of the world is suffering from tech layoffs, Al Sharpton is at the side of Black New Yorkers and is calling for the government to have more contracts and jobs for the black community of NYC.

"Jobs Now!" Al Sharpton Demands Action on Black Unemployment Crisis
Photo by NYmag.com

Currently, the Black unemployment rate is 9.4% and it is more than 5 points higher than the White unemployment rate. This shows an alarming situation and as most of the Black people in NYC are jobless there must be a reason for this.

Sharpton who is a prominent figure in the fight for racial equality and is a Baptist minister by faith, a radio talk show host, and a political analyst on MSNBC is raising their voice for getting more contracts to Black-owned businesses which is the only way to reduce the rising unemployment rates in NYC.

However, to give you some hints on what is already happening, here’s what you should be aware of:

Mayor of New Your City Eric Adams said:

"New York City is taking a stand, putting money back in the pockets of Black and Brown entrepreneurs, especially women of color."

He’s also up for promoting a $6 billion contracts project that would be supporting minorities and women-owned businesses which will directly help the Black community to tackle the rising unemployment rate.

With this, there are many other projects that the mayor announced but still, the Black unemployment crisis is rising to the worse in a decade.