LED displays: visibility, technology and quality for commercial activities

LED screens are an effective and very powerful tool, suitable for all kinds of commercial activities. In fact, they are used not only as digital window displays to promote products and services outdoors, but also as interior design elements and communication tools within the business itself, for example to broadcast promotional videos on a loop, so as to intrigue and captivate customers in an immediate, distinctive and effective way.

LED displays: visibility, technology and quality for commercial activities

Compared to conventional televisions that were used in the past, these highly professional devices, such as the LED display Macropix, guarantee very high brightness, are designed to operate for many hours and to counteract sunlight, and being modular they can reach any size.

LED displays for shop and business windows

LED screens represent an innovative system capable of broadcasting promotional videos 24 hours a day. This is a new marketing strategy that allows shops and retail outlets to attract customers inside by means of direct, dynamic and engaging communication that can include advertising messages, basic information such as opening and closing times, commercials or special announcements (the start of sales, special promotions, offers, etc.) in real time.

LED displays for shop windows are modular and, consequently, can have any size and shape (circular, concave or convex, oblique cuts, curves, etc.) and can also be transparent, self-supporting or glued directly onto glass. They are developed with aluminium modules and plates to offer excellent heat dissipation and ensure long life and reliability over time (even over 5 years), and also guarantee perfect visibility and a very high level of brightness in all conditions. Many of these latest-generation displays are also equipped with software for remote content management.

LED displays for the interior design of shops and businesses

LED screens, as mentioned, can also be used within a business, as an interior design element and a technological and innovative vehicle for dynamic communication. They use three-colour (RGB) LED technology, capable of reproducing any still or video image and, thanks to their modularity, they can take on any type of shape, to adapt to the space in which they are to be placed and to withstand a considerable passage of people (thanks to special protective masks).

They are displays with a brightness that is perfect for indoor locations, coupled with a level of resolution and contrast that is also ideal for viewing from very close distances. Many of these are equipped, as with the others, with special software for easy content management and the transmission of videos and images even remotely, to ensure frequent changes of information in order to keep customers interested. 

In addition, these LED screens are designed with invisible joints between modules to ensure a unique, continuous image with incredible effects on surfaces as large as entire walls. And thanks to the magnetic plates and wall-mounted support structures, installation and maintenance are quick and easy, making it an ideal ally for internal business promotion.

It is therefore a technology that is increasingly in demand and used in shops, showrooms, businesses and shopping centres, taking customer engagement to the next level and offering a new shopping experience.