Qualcomn has introduced 8s Gen 3 to help launch Android phones in affordable prices

 Qualcomn has just introduced a new miracle for the Android phones developers and users, that is Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, the chipset shares many of the features and capabilities with 8 Gen 3's. And the new chipset is available in lower price.

Qualcomn has introduced 8s Gen 3 to help launch Android phones in affordable prices
The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 is an octa-core processor that has one prime core clocked at 3GHz. The chipset has four performance cores with a 2.8GHz clock speed, and three efficiency cores with up to 2GHz clock speed. The processor came with the latest Adreno GPUand it is fabbed using TSMC's 4nm process.

With this price, the companies, Xiaomi and Honor that have declared to use it in their upcoming phone models in the coming months, will be selling their Android phones at affordable prices.

The latest 8s Gen 3 chipset can run the most popular like Baichuan-7B, LIama 2 and Gemini Nano.

They did work on AI, and have added generative AI capabilities in the new chipset. The latest 8s Gen 3 will support multimodal AI models, can generate image from text, will have the most amazing feature of HDR gaming on smartphones that is going to be more exciting than ever before. 

8s Gen 3 has the low-latency CD-quality Bluetooth streaming, and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. 

Qualcomn's senior director of the product management, Deepu John explains:

"each Snapdragon high-level tier can be broken down into three sub-categories. There are Snapdragon 8, 7, 6, and 4 series chipsets, and within those, up to three different offerings. This “S” series chip sits just below the standard 8 Gen 3, and if Qualcomm ever releases an 8 Plus Gen 3, it would sit on top."

The good news is to get ready to enjoy the latest features on Android devices from Xiaomi, Realme, Redmi, Honor and iQOO "in the coming months", with 8s Gen 3, in affordable prices.