No More Android Apps on Windows 11 by 2025

Microsoft has announced the end of an era for Android app support on Windows 11 that is going to happen by the year 2025. This means the Windows Subsystem for Android, or WSA for short, is getting the axe.

No More Android Apps on Windows 11 by 2025

However, there's still hope for some as the already installed apps may continue to work normally but there will be no updates and no new Android apps will be available for Windows 11 users till March 5, 2025, when no Android app will run on Windows 11.

Remember that exciting feature launched in 2021 that lets you run Android apps through the Amazon App Store?

Well, that party's coming to an official close on March 5, 2025, by Microsoft.

Here's what this means for you:

  • Kiss new Android apps goodbye: After March 5, 2024, developers won't be able to submit new apps to the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11. So, the selection you see now is pretty much all you'll get, so it is time to act quickly and save your favorite apps.
  • Existing apps limp to the finish line: If you already have Android apps installed, you can breathe a sigh of relief (for now). They'll continue to function until the big deadline of March 5, 2025.
  • The Amazon Appstore fades away: Unfortunately, the Amazon Appstore itself won't be supported on Windows 11 either, so you won't be able to browse or download new apps even before the final curtain call.

So, there you have it. While this might be a downer for some Windows 11 users who enjoy the convenience of Android apps and don't have to check their phones while they are on the laptop, it's important to remember that the tech world is constantly evolving and such things are bound to happen.

Here's hoping Microsoft has something even more exciting cooking up for the future as they can't just leave the users in void.