MrBeast to Giveaway $5 Million Grand Prize in his Beast Games show on Prime Video

MrBeast “James Stephen Donaldson” who is a famous Youtuber also known as Jimmy revealed in his latest tweet on X announcing the giveaway of $5,000,000 yes, a $5m grand prize to the winner of his latest Amazon Prime Video show called “Beast Games”.

MrBeast to Giveaway $5 Million Grand Prize in his Beast Games show on Prime Video

Mr Beast also shared that over 1,000 people will be joining his TV reality show as contestants and $5 million is not enough as he will be giving many world records in this so-called Prime Video game show by MrBeast.

He is calling this one big news for gamers, as it will be based on gamers and hints that only gamers will be allowed to join this show which will be released on Prime Video and not on his Youtube channel later this year.

According to the 25-year-old Youtuber who is famous for giving away more than what others just claim, this one will be the biggest game show in history.

If we look into history, the $5 million grand prize would be the largest single payout ever recorded in TV history, and that too from a 25-year-old young social media star.

In Short:

  • MrBeast, a popular YouTuber known for giving away large sums of money, is getting his own reality game show on Amazon Prime Video called "Beast Games".
  • The show will have the biggest prize money in TV history - a whopping $5 million - and will feature over 1,000 contestants competing in a fast-paced high-production format.
  • MrBeast will host and produce the show, which is expected to be a global hit.
Jimmy (Mister Beast) is currently standing tall as the most-followed YouTuber with 245 million subscribers.

He’s probably one of the best YouTube creators ever in the history of the video-sharing platform and is going to be the only one as he’s not stopping, he’s just starting.