Neuralink did Work, it made a quadriplegic play games

 The good, you can say the great news is here for mankind. Elon Musk's project Neuralink, which was in the testing journey for years, did work. It had enabled a quadriplegic person, 29 years old Noland Arbaugh to play Chess and Civilization (games) on his PC, by controlling his PC with his mind.

Neuralink did Work, it made a quadriplegic play games
On the social media platform X, the first patient who dared to install Neuralink, Elon Musk's startup, was there in the interview in live stream. He talked about his past and the present condition, he said that he has been paralyzed for nearly a decade, and was unable to move his body below the shoulders. And that all was because of a "freak diving accident"

Sitting in his wheelchair he said:

“About eight years ago I was in kinda a freak diving accident and dislocated my C4-C5, so I’m a complete quadriplegic,”

 “So I’m paralyzed from below the shoulders,....I have no sensation or movement below my injury."

It was in January when the company Neuralink completed its first implantation of the chip in a human patient. Elon Musk stated in February that the patient was recovering well and has been able to move the computer cursor with his thoughts.

Arbaugh explained about the working of the Neuralink's chip in Star Wars:

“From there, it just became intuitive for me to start imagining the cursor moving. Basically, it was like using the Force on a cursor and I could get it to move wherever I wanted,”

The company has been criticized a lot in the past few years and months, but its first well-recovered human subject proved that it was all worthwhile and worked, Musk did his best and gave a superb scientific gift to the human being.

Arbaugh added:

“It’s crazy. It really is. It’s so cool. I’m so freaking lucky to be a part of this,”....“Every day, it seems like we’re learning new stuff.”

In Short:

  • Elon Musk's Neuralink project did work, this surgery to insert a chip in the human brain enabled Noland Arbaugh to play Chess and Civilization.
  • The project was in testing journey from years, and they implanted there chip in the first human patient in January.
  • The first human subject for Neuralink recovered well and talked to the world in X's livestream.

So, it is just awesome that what we have been watching and learning in science fiction stories and movies is now in reality here for the mankind and the credit goes to Elon Musk and his team.