Samsung become number one research & innovation brand in 2024

Thanks to its ever-expanding inventions portfolio such as the first foldable smartphone and the under-display camera technology and a leap into AI-powered features Samsung was named the number one research and innovation brand in 2024. 

According to Clarivate's Top 100 Global Innovators Brands list the South Korean tech giant Samsung tops the list for 2024.

This ranking to become a global leader comes as no surprise for Samsung as the company is a major player in the electronics world, from home appliances to smartphones, and has been the first mover and innovator for every smart gadget the company produces. They've consistently focused on new design ideas and innovations that the world has never seen before, and this recognition reflects their commitment to research and development.

Samsung become number one research & innovation brand in 2024

The Clarivate list (a report) also highlighted the top companies globally making significant contributions to research and innovation that are improving the lifestyle of millions of people around the globe.

Samsung was followed by Canon, Honda, Toyota, and Seiko Epson respectively with other notable tech brands on the list including Sony, Panasonic, and Qualcomm.

Interestingly and to my surprise, 38 Japanese brands made the list showcasing the strength of Japan's research and innovation sector and it is a sign that Japan is leading the world in bringing actual innovation and not just enhancements.

However, the US came in second with 17 brands, followed by Taiwan with 11 and South Korea with 8 brands recognizable for their research and innovation efforts, which includes Samsung at the top of the list.

In Short:

  • Samsung Electronics ranked number 1 on the Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovators 2024 list. This is the first year Clarivate has ranked in the top 100 organizations.
  • Japan remains the leading country in innovation with 38 innovators on the list. China and South Korea are growing their presence in the ranking. Sectors like semiconductors, software/media/fintech, and industrial systems are showing strong growth in innovation.
To be clear. the Clarivate methodology uses patent data and analytical techniques to measure the strength and impact of innovation and research from brands around the globe. This helps companies understand how their innovation efforts compare to others globally so they can improve or enhance more effectively.

Why Samsung?

Well, Samsung's investment in R&D is a major reason behind its top ranking and things such as a history of introducing groundbreaking technologies, like the first foldable smartphone and the under-display camera technology.

They also have a large team dedicated to innovation across their entire product portfolio whether it is their smartphone or a smart TV and the Clarivate list recognizes Samsung's overall research and development efforts, not just their work in smartphones as the company is also a leader in the home appliances sector.

Overall, Samsung is currently ahead of many tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google.