Snapchat Private Story Names (funny, general, and more)

Guys and girls love to post daily stories on the Snapchat app and they tend to describe a story about a current moment. Most of these Snapchat users also share their best and private moments with their select followers, friends, and family members using a private story that they can create for free on the Snapchat app. These private stories help them share a photo or a video privately with a few people which is not being shared publicly so they have full control over their privacy options.

Snapchat Private Story Names (funny, general, and more)

However, to create a private story on snapchat, users have to select a name for their private story and that's when they need our list of some really creative, funny, interesting, cool, and memorable snapchat private story names that are unique and not available on any other platform.

Yes, you can find these new Snapchat private story name ideas right below:


Here's our first and most creative list of some really funny snapchat private story names for girls and boys of all age groups:

  1. Scott's Tots (The Office reference)
  2. Sorry, Mom
  3. Mention It All!
  4. Drama Llamas
  5. Whoop It Up
  6. Tick Talk
  7. 99 Problems and My Life Is One
  8. CEO of "Oh S--t"
  9. Don't Tell My Therapist
  10. Exposing Myself
  11. Your Local Loser
  12. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  13. Bed Bath and Bad Decisions
  14. Low-Key Legends
  15. Squad Goals (But We Don't Try)
  16. Living on Borrowed Time
  17. Sleep-Deprived Shenanigans
  18. Can't Adult Today
  19. The Unfiltered Truth
  20. Whispers & Shenanigans
  21. Don't Judge, Just Watch
  22. Adulting is Hard
  23. My Therapist Would Be Disappointed


Some general snapchat private story name ideas for sharing general moments:

  1. The Inner Circle
  2. My Crew
  3. Close Friends
  4. The A-List
  5. My Squad
  6. Besties Only
  7. Late Night Laughs
  8. The Inner Sanctum
  9. VIP Vault
  10. The Real Me
  11. Unfiltered Feed
  12. The Good Life Gang
  13. Behind the Curtain


Are you a mountaineer or someone who always wants to show some adventures to his/her loved ones? you can select one adventures snapchat private story name for this purpose:

  1. Adventure Awaits
  2. The Road Less Traveled
  3. Chasing Horizons
  4. Spontaneous Escapades
  5. Getting Lost (But Finding Ourselves)
  6. The Great Escape
  7. Wanderlust Warriors
  8. The Uncharted Territory
  9. Lost But Found
  10. Epic Adventures
  11. Adventure Awaits
  12. The Road Less Traveled
  13. Chasing Horizons
  14. Spontaneous Escapades
  15. Getting Lost (But Finding Ourselves)

Chill Vibes:

Being chill is a vibe, and here's what your snapchat private story should be named for this category:

  1. Cozy Nights In
  2. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  3. Low-Key Living
  4. Finding Zen
  5. Rest & Recharge
  6. Midnight Muse
  7. Neon Dreams
  8. Chill Vibes Only
  9. Twilight Tunes
  10. Coffee & Contemplation


Love food? and love to eat every day and even at night? if yes, then you are on the right page to find some really interesting foodie snapchat private story names:

  1. Culinary Capers
  2. Hangry No More
  3. The Neverending Pantry Raid
  4. Foodie Paradise
  5. Cooking Up Fun
  6. Feast Mode Activated
  7. Snack Time
  8. Let's Eat Cake
  9. The Neverending Brunch

Daily Life:

Routine life is what we all live in for at least a few hundred days every year, yes, that's right and thus, we are here with a daily life private story names list:

  1. Day in, Day Out
  2. The Daily Grind (But Make it Fun)
  3. Behind the Mask
  4. Adulting Attempts
  5. The Unscripted Show
  6. Behind the Scenes
  7. A Day in the Life
  8. My Daily Grind
  9. Adulting Fails


Need some motivation or want to share some motivational moments with your loved ones on Snapchat? you can pick one of these creative names for your next motivational private story on Snapchat:

  1. Rise & Grind
  2. Chasing Greatness
  3. Manifesting My Dreams
  4. Level Up
  5. Slay the Day Every Day
  6. Chasing Dreams
  7. Power of Positivity
  8. The Hustle is Real
  9. Goals & Gains

However, these are the best names you can read here and if you want some more niche private story names on any particular topic, you can find them right below:


Some private story name ideas for romance or a relationship:

  1. Lovebirds Only
  2. Couple Goals
  3. Single and Sassy
  4. The Friend Zone
  5. Wingman Chronicles
  6. Two Uniques

Fashion & Beauty:

Are you into the fashion and beauty industry? you will love these ideas:

  1. Style Diaries
  2. Slay My Look
  3. Hair Goals & Makeup Fails
  4. Closet Confessions
  5. Obsessed with Beauty


Fitness freaks will love these snapchat private story name ideas:

  1. Sweat & Gains
  2. Get Fit Crew
  3. No Excuses Zone
  4. The Healthy Hustle
  5. Strong is Sexy
  6. Today or Never
  7. Focus, Focus, Focus


Musicians are everywhere, so on Snapchat and here's what they should name their private story:

  1. Soundtrack to My Life
  2. Headphone Therapy
  3. Concert Chronicles
  4. Turn Up the Volume
  5. Music & Moods


A gamer? check these names:

  1. Level Up!
  2. Squad Up
  3. The Grind Never Stops
  4. Game On!
  5. Controller Confessions


Love to travel around the globe or in your local area? pick a great name for your private story on Snapchat and share awesome landscapes and photography:

  1. Wanderlusting
  2. Passport Posse
  3. See This Now
  4. Jetsetter Squad
  5. Exploring the Globe
  6. Souvenirs & Stories


Being creative is a blessing and here's a list of names for creative people on snapchat:

  1. The Muse is Calling
  2. Arting Around
  3. Story Time
  4. Behind the Scenes (Creative Work)
  5. Not So Common
  6. Unleashing Creativity
  7. Art Daily


For some people, nightlife is real life and thus, they need some extraordinary ideas for their private story names, here's what they should pick:

  1. After Dark Adventures
  2. Night Owls Unite
  3. Dancing the Night Away
  4. Late Night Laughs
  5. City Lights & Good Vibes
  6. That Was Hot
  7. She's Love
  8. Tonight, Another Day!

Hobbies & Interests:

  1. Bookworms Unite
  2. Plant Parent Problems
  3. Coffee Connoisseurs
  4. Movie Buff Chronicles
  5. Craftastic Creations

Work & School:

  1. The Hustle is Real (Work Edition)
  2. Adulting at Work
  3. Coffee Fueled Deadlines
  4. The Study Grind
  5. Weekend Warriors (Work/School Edition)


  1. Fall Feels
  2. Summer Lovin'
  3. Winter Wonderland
  4. Cozy Holiday Vibes
  5. Spring Awakening


  1. The High Life
  2. Spoiled Rotten
  3. Fancy Things
  4. First Class Adventures
  5. Jet-Setting & Sipping Champagne

Mind & Body:

  1. Wellness Warriors
  2. Self-Care Sundays
  3. Yoga & Chill
  4. Finding My Zen
  5. Mental Health Matters


  1. Furry Friends Forever
  2. Pawsome Adventures
  3. The Life of [Pet's Name]
  4. Spoiled Rotten (Pet Edition)
  5. Adventures with My [Pet Type]

Tech & Gadgets:

  1. Gadget Guru
  2. Tech Obsessed
  3. App-solutely Awesome
  4. The Future is Now
  5. Smart Home Shenanigans

Learning & Education:

  1. Brainiac Bunch
  2. Lifelong Learner
  3. Book Smarts & Street Smarts
  4. Mastering the Craft
  5. History Buffs Unite


Snapchat Private Story Names for Specific Topics

Now you will read some snapchat private story names that you can use for any specific topic, and here are a few options for you:

Nightlife (Specific):

  1. Karaoke Kings & Queens
  2. Bar Hopping Adventures
  3. Foodie Night Out
  4. Dancing Shoes On
  5. Concert Chronicles (Specific Genre)

Travel (Specific):

  1. Backpacking Buddies
  2. Beach Bums
  3. Foodie Adventures (Specific Location)
  4. Road Trip Shenanigans
  5. Mountain Climbers Unite

Creative (Specific):

  1. Writing Warriors
  2. Painting Paradise
  3. Photography Adventures
  4. Sketchbook Shenanigans
  5. DIY Dreams

Hobbies & Interests (Specific):

  1. Anime Enthusiasts
  2. Board Game Battles
  3. Movie Buff Chronicles (Specific Genre)
  4. Foodie Adventures (Specific Cuisine)
  5. Plant Parent Problems (Specific Plant Type)

Work & School (Specific):

  1. The Startup Grind
  2. Law School Legends (or specific major)
  3. Coffee Fueled Deadlines (Specific Industry)
  4. The Research Rabbit Hole
  5. Teacher Tales (or specific profession)

Seasonal (Specific):

  1. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice
  2. Spooky Season Shenanigans
  3. Summer Lovin' (Beach Edition)
  4. Cozy Holiday Vibes (Fireplace Edition)
  5. Springtime Foodie Adventures

Luxury (Specific):

  1. Foodie Adventures (Michelin Star Edition)
  2. First Class Flyers
  3. Spa Day Sundays
  4. Designer Dreams
  5. Jet-Setting & Sipping Cocktails

Mind & Body (Specific):

  1. Meditation Moments
  2. Yoga & Brunch
  3. Strength Training Squad
  4. Vegan Vibes
  5. Mental Health Matters (Specific Topic)

Pets (Specific):

  1. Dog Days of Summer
  2. Cat Naps & Cuddle Time
  3. Horseback Riding Adventures
  4. The Life of [Pet's Name] (Specific Breed)
  5. Spoiled Rotten (Fish Edition)

Tech & Gadgets (Specific):

  1. VR Voyagers
  2. Gamer Gang (Specific Game)
  3. Productivity Powerhouse
  4. The Future is Now (Sustainable Tech)
  5. Music Production Mayhem

You can add your own specific topic or name where I mentioned "specific" word and make your own unique private story name.

Offbeat Private Story Names

Now read some offbeat snapchat private story name ideas that you can't find anywhere else but might be searching for:

For the Weird & Wonderful:

  1. Conspiracy Corner
  2. Questioning Everything
  3. The Absurd & Unfiltered
  4. Midnight Ramblings
  5. Existential Escapades

For the Foodie with a Twist:

  1. Burnt Offerings & Culinary Fails
  2. Weird Food Adventures
  3. Spicy & Sweaty
  4. Hangry & Hunting
  5. The Quest for the Perfect Pancake

For the Fitness Fanatic (Lighthearted):

  1. Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow (Maybe)
  2. The Struggle is Real (But the Outfit is Cute)
  3. Gym Fails & Gains
  4. Cardio Queens & Snack Kings
  5. Yoga Poses & Pizza Boxes

For the Gamer with Humor:

  1. Rage Quits & Salty Tears
  2. The Grind Never Stops (Except for Snacks)
  3. Noob Squad Unite
  4. Controller Confessions (Broken Edition)
  5. AFK Adventures (Away From Keyboard)

For the Music Lover (Genre Specific):

  1. Headbanging Havoc (Metal)
  2. Indie Anthems
  3. K-Pop Kaos
  4. The Symphony of My Soul (Classical)
  5. Old School Throwbacks
  6. Rap Leaders
  7. Sufi King Maker

For the Movie Buff (Genre Specific):

  1. Sci-Fi Sundays
  2. Rom-Com Rendezvous
  3. Horror Hounds
  4. Cult Classics & Popcorn Flicks
  5. The Art House Aesthetic

Private Story Names for Niche Interests

Now some more snapchat private story names ideas for niche based interests, hope you will like these suggestions too:

Spiritual & Wellbeing:

  1. Crystal Clear Intentions
  2. Namaste & Netflix
  3. Reiki Recharge
  4. Meditation Moments
  5. Sound Bath Serenity

Finance & Budgeting:

  1. Adulting on a Budget
  2. Coffee & Coin Counting
  3. Debt Demolition Squad
  4. Frugal Foodie Finds
  5. Investing Insights (Beginner/Advanced)

Home & Decor:

  1. DIY Dream Home
  2. Thrifting Treasures
  3. Minimalist Musings
  4. Cozy Corner Chronicles
  5. Plant Parenthood Paradise

Outdoors & Nature:

  1. Hiking Hangouts
  2. Camping Chaos (But Fun!)
  3. Stargazing Stories
  4. Backyard Bonfire Banter
  5. Paddle Power Adventures

Social Justice & Advocacy:

  1. Empowering Every Day
  2. Climate Change Champions
  3. Equality Advocates
  4. Social Justice Sundays
  5. Amplifying Untold Stories

Learning a New Skill:

  1. Coding Chronicles
  2. Language Learning Logs
  3. Cooking Class Capers
  4. Playing an Instrument (Beginner Struggles)
  5. Brushstroke Breakthroughs

Pet Lovers (Specific Animals):

  1. Parrot Chatter & Chaos
  2. Snake Sanctuary Stories
  3. Horseback Riding Adventures
  4. Feline Fun & Feathered Friends
  5. Aquarium Adventures


Lastly, some miscellaneous private story names that you can customize according to your needs:

  1. Behind the Scenes (Travel Edition)
  2. Foodie Fails
  3. Fitness Struggles (But We Keep Going)
  4. The Unsolved Mysteries of [Your Name]
  5. Random Thoughts & Ramblings

I hope you will love these Snapchat private story names as they are funny, interesting, and also available on many specific topics.

You can wait to get more ideas as I will be uploading more and more private story name ideas in the coming weeks.