Truecaller is rolling out a new AI-powered feature called "Max"

In a bid to enhance its spam call filtering tech, Truecaller is adding an all-new AI-powered feature for Android premium users who are paying for the app to block spam calls before they actually receive them.

Truecaller is rolling out a new AI-powered feature called "Max"

The new Truecaller app feature is called “Max” and it will be using AI’s powers to block calls even those spam/scam calls that are currently not listed in the database of the app. It will be utilizing AI to detect potential spam calls which adds another layer of security to your daily usage of your smartphone.

Why this new feature? know from the company itself:

“It’s something that, at least, some people have asked for — people who understand the app very well,” claimed Kunal Dua, vice president of search at Truecaller, in a call.

However, some experts believe that it might be not “another cool feature” as it may disrespectfully block unknown callers that may be potentially important to the end user and are not spam calls.

On the other hand, Trucaller will allow users to unblock these numbers and also improve the feature by taking user feedback and doing data analysis after releasing the feature to the public.

This feature upgrade reflects Truecaller's strategic focus on combating spam calls and potentially increasing premium subscriptions from its Android users. It comes amidst a decline in revenue and a proposed competitor service in India, Truecaller's largest market.

In its quarter 4, Truecaller saw a 4% year-on-year revenue dip, on $41.52 million in sales and that's a massive issue for the company to sustain as a new rival is already in the making in the largest market the app is currently serving in with a drawback by iOS as Apple doesn't allow apps like Truecaller to block spam calls.

Still, the feature would be a 50/50 for the end users as it may or may not be a time saver for Truecaller app users at all.