Blooket Code: Live Blooket Game IDs and Join Codes!

Blooket Code: Live Blooket Game IDs and Join Codes!

Blooket Code list is something every student is now looking for on the web as Blooket is an educational platform that’s making studying online fun again with its interactive and game-based learning modules. It is a cool and easy-to-use platform that requires a teacher to create study material by utilising already designed templates and changing according to their own needs with a lot to choose from or add their own. Then they create join codes “Blooket Codes” and send them to the players (their students) who can then join a live class by typing the Blooket Code on the join page of the Blooket platform.

Easy peasy right?

However, many students don’t have a teacher to get a Blooket Code from but want to use the platform to have some fun and learn something new. So they want a list of Blooket ID Codes that they can use to join a virtual classroom. So, if you are also one of them, then you are on the right page as this new page will help you join live Blooket matches without asking a teacher for your six-digit blooket code. Here you go:

Active Blooket Codes 2024

We update the list from time to time so you may or may not find a working Blooket Code from here:

  1. Today, we don’t have any active blooket code to share with you

However, this is not the case every day, as we update this list every now and then to make sure we show you some active Blooket Codes only, you can get back to this page after 24 hours to see the updated list with new codes for Blooket.

Why there are no longer any public Blooket Code available now?

To our surprise, Blooket has removed all the general blooket codes to make room for real teachers and students and put a break on general public access. This means you can't join a live match on Blooket unless your real teacher or someone who is hosting the match actually shares a blooket code with you.

Here’s the list of some now expired Blooket Join Codes that we already updated as active but these no longer work:

  1. 239867
  2. 298476
  3. 597343
  4. 059876
  5. 508737
  6. 928367
  7. 019847
  8. 059268
  9. 308946
  10. 034987
  11. 293765
  12. 204872

So, how this works?

Well, this is a simple platform that allows you to join a live match or a class with a six digit join code, and here’s how:

  1. Go to on any device (PC or Mobile)
  2. Click on the Join A Game button from top left corner
  3. Enter the Blooket Code in the textbook (Game ID)
  4. Now sign in using your Google account and enjoy the live match game

Alternatively, you can create a blooket account to avoid using Google to log in.

That’s it, this is how simply you can join a live blooket match just by using a small join code provided by your teachers.