Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors Swirl, But EA Denies Development

It might be a dream-buster for Dead Space game lovers who were eagerly waiting for Dead Space 2 release as now the reports are circulating that a remake of the popular sci-fi horror game Dead Space 2 was in the works at EA Motive, but has since been shelved in favor to its Iron Man and Battlefield games.

Dead Space 2 Remake Rumors Swirl, But EA Denies Development

This comes after the critically acclaimed remake of the original Dead Space launched in January 2023 and gamers around the globe were waiting for at least an official trailer of Dead Space 2.

Pouring some salt, several trusted gaming publications, including TheGamer, GameSpot, and Eurogamer, cited that industry insiders claiming the project's cancellation stemmed from the first remake's "disappointing sales."

However, in a surprising turn of events in just a few hours today, IGN just reported that EA has denied these rumors entirely by posting about it on X.

According to IGN, an EA spokesperson stated:

"there is no validity to this story,"

Casting doubt on the supposed Dead Space 2 remake development and hindering the fans away. This throws a wrench into the reports and leaves fans unsure what to believe and what not. But one thing's for sure. There will be no more Dead Space 2 at least for now.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • Multiple gaming sites reported a Dead Space 2 remake's cancellation due to low sales of the first remake.
  • EA denies these claims, stating there's "no validity" to the rumors.

So, what's the truth?

Only time will tell as there's no official news about whether the EA Motive is planning Dead Space 2 or even if they ever thought about making it.

Well my dear gamers, we will have to wait for further developments or official announcements from EA to know for sure about Dead Space 2's potential remake or anything else.