Carriejune Anne Bowlby Shares Quick 15 Minute Ab Workout Routine on Instagram

Taking to the Instagram app Carriejune Anne Bowlby, a popular fitness influencer and an entrepreneur, has shared a new AB workout video with a 15-minute workout plan with no equipment needed on her Instagram page. She went on to share this after one of her 4 million followers on Instagram asked about an Ab workout routine.

Carriejune Anne Bowlby Shares Quick 15 Minute Ab Workout Routine on Instagram
Instagram screenshot of Carriejune's AB Workout Video

The video, titled "At Home AB Workout 15 Minutes," features Carriejune Anne Bowlby demonstrating a series of bodyweight exercises designed to target the abdominal muscles as best as she has.

Here's a complete guide (transcribed from the video):

Follow this 15 minutes AB workout routine daily with a weekend break to get abs just like Carriejune Anne Bowlby.

  1. Leg raise with hip lift 3-15x
  2. Knee-ins 3-15x
  3. Hallow holds 3-1 min
  4. Leg lifts 3-15x
  5. Suitcase crunch 3-15x
  6. Bicycle crunch 3-30 sec
  7. Side planks 3-1 min each side
  8. Russian twist 3-30 sec
  9. Knee-in twist 3-30 sec
  10. V ups 3-15x
  11. Butterflies 3-30 sec

If you will be following this quick ABS Workout, you will never ask a question like "How to get abs like Carriejune Anne Bowlby" or any other fitness influencer.

Here's the actual video:

Bringing more attention to her video and the quick abs training method, in the IG video caption, Carriejune Anne Bowlby described that no equipment is needed for the workout making the workout do-able for anyone looking for a quick and effective way to enhance their abs.

No equipment needed 🙌🏼 combine this with a caloric deficit to get your abs looking 🔥 (the caption reads)

She is asking you to combine this workout with a caloric deficit to achieve visible results, suggesting that a good diet plays a crucial role alongside exercises for achieving toned abs that look better and eventually the same as her own.

The video reached a wider audience interested in at-home exercise routines as many commented on different things on the video such as:

  1. You are absolutely amazing
  2. I Love you
  3. Great workout SAVED
  4. and much more

Carriejune Anne Bowlby currently enjoys nearly 4 million Instagram followers, she's one of the most followed Instagram fitness models, and her tips about any fitness routine or a particular workout are as important as you think about your gym trainer.

Hope for the best.