Do Backwards 3 and Inverted 3 refer to the same thing?

Being an expert in this topic, I am pretty sure, but I did my research to make my answer a 100% correct answer for this question and I am here with the accurate answer for you:

Yes, backwards 3 and inverted 3 readers to the same thing, the “Ɛ” symbol, and it is being used widely by social media users to make a heart shape.

Social media users use it to make a heart like Ɛ> in the comments and in posts as well.

Do Backwards 3 and Inverted 3 refer to the same thing?

Most of the time you may see it being used on Instagram and TikTok but many users also use it on X and other social media platforms such as Reddit, Threads, and even LinkedIn.

If you are also looking to type a backward 3 and don’t know how to type it, you can just copy this backwards 3 Ɛ and paste it wherever you want to.

Here are some use cases for an inverted 3:

  • Social Media: People use it form a heart shape on social media (in comments and in posts)
  • Graphic Designers: Many graphic design experts utilize a backward 3 or an inverted 3 (same thing) to make a design standout
  • Sports: Many sports use a backwards 3 to represent a warning or a symbol of some accomplishment
  • More: There are some studies where we can see a backward 3 like in mathematics and in engineering books for different purposes

Overall, the question like "Do Backwards 3 and Inverted 3 refer to the same thing?" could have a simple answer:

A backward 3 and an inverted 3 do refer to same thing.