Open AI is to Close Dall-E 2 and introducing Dall-E 3 with much better features

 Open AI's Dall-E 2  took the technological world by storm when it was introduced in April 2022, it was a new invention to generate photorealistic images based on your own demands, people especially artists felt this discovery to be something amazing.

Open AI is to Close Dall-E 2 and introducing Dall-E 3 with much better features
But this Dall-E 2 AI generator has proven to be less useful afterward, as it started creating imperfect and strange images it was once asked to create A Salmon in the River, and it made a literal piece of salmon swimming in the river.

In an interview with the Ars, Douglas Bonneville told:

 "The arrival of DALL-E 2 was truly mind-blowing," "There was an exhilarating sense of unlimited freedom in those first days that we all suspected AI was going to unleash. It felt like a liberation from something into something else, but it was never clear exactly what."

There also has been ethical controversies about Dall-E 2, as it had not been making much concern in this regard, an artist shared the changes done by Dall-E 2 to her medical records in the LAION dataset, to Ars Technica:

“I no longer feel comfortable interacting with these platforms,” she says. “There still isn’t enough transparency.”

Now Dall-E 3 is on the way to be used by the artists and other users to create much better AI generated images on their demand.

However, Dall-E 2 will be accessible for the ones who have pre-purchased credits until May 1st, 2025.

In Short:

  1. Dall-E 2 proved to be less reliable like other AI photo generators, and the company is going to close it.
  2. People who had pre-purchased the Dall-E 2 will be able to use it till May, 2025.
  3. Dall-E 3 is soon to be introduce for you to use it to create AI images for better experience, this version is going to be more smart than the previous one.

So, get ready to leave the Dall-E 2 with inadequacy, and welcome Dall-E 3 with better features in it.