Twitch to roll out TikTok-style discovery feed in April

Do you want to use Twitch just like TikTok?

Twitch to roll out TikTok-style discovery feed in April

Well, this is going to happen as Twitch is planning to launch its much-awaited video discovery feed feature later in April 2024 (yes this month) which will let the users watch and scroll through clips and livestreams just like we use TikTok.

After a year of testing the feature, Twitch is finally here talking about the release of the feature later this month.

The company announced in a Patch Notes livestream sharing that the new discovery feed will let Twitch users access current live streams and clips without having to search for anything. However, Jess Sung shared that there will be ads showing in the discovery feed but users will be able to skip through the ads without waiting for them to end. That’s a plus point, as platforms have to generate revenue and users should have the ability to choose what they want to watch and what they don’t.

Just like YouTube Shorts, many Twitch users will see Discovery Feed as their homepage of the Twitch app and it will be also available as a new tab in the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Taking it further, Twitch will show live streams from your following list as well as random streams to help you find more interesting content on the platform.

With another twist of short video clips, you can access short-form video content on Twitch just like you do at TikTok and there will be ads in between your scrolling that you can skip on your own and don’t have to wait for the ad to complete its duration.