9 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel in 2024

This report is dedicated to Timeout’s list of the best destinations for solo female travel in 2024.

9 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel in 2024

9 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travel in 2024


The data was taken from the destinations listed in Timeout's article "The best places for solo female travel in 2024" published in March 2024.


The report pinpoints a few of the most appropriate locations for solo female travelers in 2024 where you can travel alone and don't have to worry about anything. The locations encompass different continents and provide an array of cultural and geographical experiences.

Top 9 Destinations:

We at AllBlogThings did our own research to back Timeout's rankings and found out that their ranking is accurate, here's the list of the top 9 best destinations for solo female travel in 2024 in the text version:

  1. Sri Lanka (Asia)
  2. Portugal (Europe)
  3. Czech Republic (Europe)
  4. Japan (Asia)
  5. Guatemala (Central America)
  6. Vietnam (Southeast Asia)
  7. Australia (Oceania)
  8. Greece (Europe)
  9. New Zealand (Oceania)

This report was written from a single source and it does not provide any statistics on safety, cost, or popularity among solo women travelers.

So to help you navigate easily and get back to your home safe and sound, here I have a few tips about what you should consider:

Though the Timeout list serves as an excellent starting point, solo female travelers will require a more comprehensive knowledge of the destination before they can book the trip.

Here's what further research could reveal:


  1. Solo Female Travel Index: A resource such as the "2024 Solo Female Travel Index" measures a destination's performance based on equality, harassment rates, and infrastructure. This would be an additional lens to Timeout's cultural aspects as it would have a safety point of view.
  2. Community Reviews: Travel forums and social media groups with solo female travelers in particular having first-hand experience and safety tips for specific destinations. Such discussions may emphasize where the concerns may be located and where the comfort zone is.


  1. Budget Backpacking vs. Comfort Travel: Knowing how much money an individual needs for accommodation, transportation and food for different budgets is key to smart planning for solo travelers. It may include browsing backpacker hostels, budget airlines, and middle-priced hotels.
  2. Hidden Fees and Scams: Being aware of the types of scams that solo travelers can fall victim to will help them to avoid financial traps. Getting and reporting these scams via travel blogs or community forums strengthens women to be in an entirely new environment.


  1. Solo Travel Blogs and Vlogs: Blogs and vlogs by solo female travelers in general address particular destinations. Dissecting their content, you may discover what activities are trendy, which places are hidden gems and what challenges single ladies face.
  2. Solo Travel Groups and Tours: The growth of women-only travel companies that specialize in specific destinations and activities indicates that women are the majority among travelers. Familiarizing with the itineraries and destinations announced by these agencies will give such valuable information.

This will help us to create a more detailed image of the top-rated destinations for solo female traveling in 2024. 

This enables them to be selective in choosing a destination that matches their budget, safety concerns and travel style, thus the travel experience they are going to have is both enriching and unforgettable.

Be happy, stay healthy, travel solo, be a lovely female traveler ;)