7 Tips for Traveling Alone

Here we have gathered some must to know tips which you should know before traveling alone.

As solo travelers are making tourism another great way to enjoy life and most of them are becoming vloggers.

Yes, they capture the moments and upload that captured memories in video format on YouTube, while most of them are earning a side income with this little extra enjoyment.

According to a study with Google trends data (from 2015 to 2017) over 40% of the travellers loves to do a solo trip for ease of exploring more.

People think that a lone traveler can enjoy more freedom and have more time to spend on exploring the beauty of sites he/she is visiting.

This is why solo travel is what you should do at least once in your life and visit your favorite country or city, and if you need tips to make sure that your solo trip is not going to be a waste of time, read out our 7 secret tips for solo travelers.

1. Know Basics

Knowing the basics of an area where you want to travel alone is something that can help you easily carry your stuff and capture moments more easily.

Besides this, when you are travelling solo you should also focus on these things:

  • Share your travel plan with at least two trusted persons (family and friends)
  • Get your travel insurance and make sure it is working
  • Design and an emergency backup plan
  • Put your valuables in a locker
  • Be nice to everyone on your journey

From booking a hotel to riding for exploring the places, you should watch other vloggers and check Google maps for knowing attractions and roads that can lead you as an extraordinary solo traveler.

2. Do Your Packing Accordingly

Yes, this is what you have to do for every solo trip for more convenience as this can help you have all the things with you whenever you need them. You should pack things smartly and according to the place you are going to visit.

When travelling alone, make sure you have these things in your backpack:

  • Cash and Credit or Debit Cards
  • Your national ID card and its copies
  • Your driving license and Passport
  • Visas (if necessary) and Tickets
  • Other documents that proves your identity
  • Your medicine (if you take daily)
  • First Aid items
  • Some dry fruits or dry chocolates

You should do a little research about the weather of that area and commons so that you can have a backpack with essentials in it. From Cap to Raincoat, Medications to Water Bottles and Shoes to Pants you should take care of your digital devices like smartphone and camera and have a plan for backup (batteries).

3. Have Security Backups

What is that? well, things can go wrong and this can happen with any solo traveler.

If you have security backup plans you can do better and this includes the registration of your trip in State Department and a local embassy and also the great way to make it more personal is sharing your travel details with your family.

You can share your trip details with your family members and send them the exact time, date and locations where you are going to travel.

Note: You can always go with a professional service provider and such as madeinturkeytours.com to plan a secure and happy tour package.

4. Have Financial Backup Plan

Yes, backup can be done for everything and that can range from your phone batteries to your pocket money. You should consider having a backup plan for spending on a foreign trip.

Most of the experienced solo travelers suggest that you should carry some hard cash in your hidden pockets, in your shoes, in your pen, at the back of your mobile and should carry a debit card which can be used worldwide.

So that whenever you run out of cash from your wallet, you can have that hidden hard cash with you and an ATM card that can be used almost in every area of the world.

5. Don't Compromise on Your Health

This a biggest mistake for a solo traveler, you should consider your health as #1 priority and don't do anything against your health level.

If you are a healthy person then you should keep things aside and don't drink alcohol, don't try to do extra activities which you may find interesting. Another great tip is to don't go out without taking your meal and have water bottles with you so you can stay hydrated.

The most important thing is that you should take rest at right times and do exploring at right time, the night is for sleeping so go to bed as earlier as possible, the day is for enjoying the beauty of that place you are traveling to.

6. Be Your Own Safeguard

Yes, when you are traveling, there is a high risk of being attacked by extremists and if you are a female solo traveler then you should take care of your self especially when alone on roads and living in a house/flat where you are all alone.

There are some tips like wearing clothes as locals and walking as they do, copying them should be the best way to avoid scams and many other threads.

As most of the female travelers report that they experienced sexual harassment which is the worst part of traveling alone when you are a female tourist.

7. Have A Digital Companion

Whatever, you will be still a solo traveler, you can have a digital companion with you so that you can ask and get an answer to your questions more quickly than having a human with you.

How to have a digital companion when traveling alone? well, that's too easy.

There are services available in your smartphone like Siri and Google's voice assistant, that can be your best ever travel companions. Do use them for getting easy answers and become a digital nomad.


The best way to enjoy more on a solo trip is to have more knowledge about the place you going to visit and the 2nd thing which you should not avoid is your security and good health.

So be yourself and don't forget to tell your travel details to your family, it will help you and your family wherever you feel the need for help from your country.

Stay safe, and stay with www.AllBlogThings.com to get more relative tips and updates.