Instagram to Introduce a New Ad Unit for Sponsored Posts

Instagram to Introduce a New Ad Unit for Sponsored Posts
Instagram is going to be the first social network which has dedicated ad format for sponsored posts.

As per the reports by Mediakix, influencer marketing on Instagram is expected to reach $2 billion by this year and this is the huge market for influencers of every field of life.

Yes, the Instagram team is going to roll out a new ad-format for sponsored content which Instagrammers are posting in partnership with brands.

Influencers on Instagram will be able to use this new ad-format to easily adopt the strategy of publishing paid content.

Instagram call it "Branded Content Ad" and it will create massive opportunities for big and micro-influencers on Instagram. This will help brands to partner with creators.

Well, for now, Instagram is using a simple "Paid Partnership with (Brand Name)" tag to make people aware of what post is a sponsored post and what is not.

Currently, brands can sponsor their favorite or popular Instagrammers and pay them to post about their brands and products or services as they want.

However, there's a limit for brands as they reach out to the particular user's followers but with new ad-format for branded content, they will be able to reach out to a group of people and not just one profile's followers.

As of now, Instagram's basic branded content partnership program is not available to every next popular Instagrammer, sources are saying that the new branded content ad-format feature will be available for every Instagram user.

Instagram users will have to apply for the new ad-format and if accepted will be able to post paid-content and charge their desired amount.

Instagram product management lead Ashley Yuki told that these ads have been in the testing phase since last year and will be released to users as soon as possible.

So, if you are an Instagram user and have enough followers then you are going to earn twice then you are earning right now with influencer marketing on Instagram.